Your Cloud Migration: 4 options to consider

If there is one thing that has grabbed the technology headlines the most over the last few years it is cloud computing.

This isn’t some sort of technology that has gradually progressed – it’s almost hit us with a bang. One year, everything was hosted locally, now, everyone is seemingly leaning towards a cloud-based platform.

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However, there really isn’t such a thing as a one-fits-all cloud migration. In truth, there are umpteen options you can explore, and through today’s post we will take a look at four of the most common.

The re-hosting solution

Technically speaking, this first solution doesn’t relate to the cloud. After all, you can re-host an application to an environment which isn’t based in the cloud.

Particularly now we are in the age of the cloud, this might raise a few eyebrows. However, with some companies cutting their costs by almost a third by re-hosting without even tapping into a cloud platform, it stands to reason that this can be one of the first steps you take as you consider your IT infrastructure.

The re-platforming solution

This is a true cloud-based solution, where you will simply take your existing application and move it to another platform, you can find more information here:

There will of course be reasons you are following such a course of action and unsurprisingly, they tend to revolve around cost.

The retirement solution

From time to time some companies might decide to completely retire some of their applications. This might sound drastic, but there will be a lot of legacy systems based in your company and some of these won’t even be used. Even though they are not used much, they will still be eating away at your resources and ultimately causing you to spend money.

This is where the retirement solution can be completely effective; you don’t have the hassle of a migration, but you can shut a system down and shave your costs significantly.

The re-architecting solution

Something that sits in-between all of the above comes when you start to re-architect your systems.

Let’s not shy away from any facts here; this can be an expensive process and not for companies who are looking to cut their IT budgets.

At the same time, re-architecting can prompt a whole host of benefits. As we all know, technology has developed at a frantic rate over the years, and systems that were built a decade ago are no longer efficient in their current state. It means that you sometimes need a major rethink on how they function.

Quite often, all of the above goes hand-in-hand with a cloud migration. After all, one of the major advantages that the cloud has is that it tends to run the latest systems. It means that you finally have the platform to develop modern solutions on, whereas in the past you might have been attempting to manufacture new services out of an outdated system.

Yes, this is an expensive approach, but if you are serious about becoming best-in-class it can be one of the most worthy solutions.

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