Yes, They Still Print Tiger Beat Magazine

Remember the days when everyone would compile mix tapes of their favorite NKOTB or M.C. Hammer tracks onto cassette? Bet they didn’t know that all those expensive cassettes would one day be melted down and turned into a skeleton. Vintage media sharing is making a come back. Instill nostalgia (maybe even doubt) with this Mix Tape USB Stick. It’s like a gift card with a 64 MB USB drive for storing your favorite tunes.

It might look like an out-of-this-world cassette tape, but it’s merely a case and has no practical use but to serve as a gift card of sorts. Basically, you’re paying $29 for a 64 MB USB drive. You just got ripped off, kid.

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  1. Well that depends on how stingy you are – i think its a cool thing 🙂

  2. I had one bought for me and I thought it was the most romantic and thoughtful gift ever!

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