Yankee Candle Releases A “Man Candle” Collection

Man Candles

Not a whole lot of men will admit to liking candles. We’re not particularly sure when (or why) candles have become such a feminine thing, but Yankee Candle has decided to do something about that.

No longer do men need to feel ashamed walking in to Yankee Candle because…

Bacon Candle

TADAAAAAA! Bacon candle. Yes, you heard right and yes, it’s real.

What other candle scents are included in the Yankee Candle “Man Candle” collection?

– Movie Night – This one smells like hot buttered popcorn and while we’re not huge fans of the smell of popcorn (or corn chips for that matter) we know a lot of people who are.

– First Down – First Down is a mixed scent candle with orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather scents. Again, not our cup of tea…or mug of beer…but to each their own.

– Man Town – Man Town is a mix of spices, woods and musk and while we haven’t smelled this one yet, we’re pretty sure that someone’s man out there will like it.

– Riding Mower – Riding Mower is all about the smell of freshly cut grass and we love it!

Which scent are we filling our basket with? Bacon all the way, baby!

Ladies, now you can take advantage of those BOGO coupons you’re always getting and pick up something “manly” at the same time.

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