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Lighter Candles for the Pyromaniac Birthday Boy

Well, it’s your tenth birthday, son. And you know what that means. Time for your first cigarette! No, don’t fight back. It’s for your own good. It’ll help you grow into a real man, like me, and R2-D2! You like R2-D2 right? That’s right, breathe deep. In honor of your first mini-stogyI’ve taken it upon myself to adorn your cake ...

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Human Candles

Here’s a stunning work of art to get your morning going. Several artists cast themselves in a beeswax/paraffin emulsion and placed a wick in the middle. The end result? Life-sized human candles that become insanely creepy as they slowly melt. The creators let them burn throughout the entire exhibition, the end result looking more like hot oatmeal than a human. ...

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Too Creepy: Pharrell Williams Hand Candles

I’m not too sure how I feel about these realistic-looking candles that are molded after producer/rapper/fashionista Pharrell Williams throwing down Vulcan gang signs. Yes, Vulcan symbols. Odd, right? Even weirder is that these are candles and are limited edition. Who makes a limited edition candle? Do you buy two of each to ensure you can have one to show your ...

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Animal Head Shot Glasses

Do me a favor, champ. Before you go out hunting today, have a shot of bourbon with me. You see, old chap, that bourbon warms the soul and brings luck about the hunt between man and beast. Ah, yes! There’s the burn! Don’t you love these campy shot glasses I picked up with animal head covers? There’s the bear, the ...

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LED Menorah for Hanukkah DIYers

Hanukkah starts at sunset tonight, and many jews still use traditional menorahs lit with candles. There is no need anymore my friends! This cool DIY project shows you how to make an LED lit menorah. We understand that lighting the candles is an essential part of the process, but it’s just so 17th century. Jews living in the modern age ...

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