Xbox Controller Geek Bong


We’re not exactly sure how this was done or the origin of the idea, since this image came off of a myspace profile, but one thing is for sure. One geeky pot head has way too much time on his hands.

To be perfectly honest, I would much rather be playing with that controller than smoking out of it. Thanks for the cool idea though. — Andrew Dobrow

Note: This is actually an N64 controller. If you didn’t notice, you are most likely a pothead. Gotcha! ;-p

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  1. Definitely not an Xbox controller… N64? Duh. Also, that wouldn’t really qualify as a ‘bong’. Pipe or a bowl. Sorry, just had to clear that up.

  2. That’s a Nintendo 64 controller, and that’s about all they’re good for these days. Unless of course you get nostalgic and want to play Donkey Kong Country or something.

  3. Looks more like a bowl dude.
    Definetly not a bong unless there are extra chambers that go off into the other handles?

  4. that’s not a fucking bong you stupid dumbass don’t act like you know anything about drugs

  5. Agreed. This is not a bong or an Xbox controller. Anyone wanna pass one 😉

  6. okay, the problem i really see here, is that the bowl is a trumpet mouth piece..

    im sure no one would ever notice that.. but its definitely a trumpet mouth piece

  7. also knowing that it is indeed a trumpet mouth piece then it yes, would be a bong knowing that the end of it is long and just because its not a water bong or a bubbler doesn’t mean that its not a bong
    judging by the way its circulating in it before he has take’n out the mouth piece i think it is a bong.. in some odd tec. ways.. not a very good one, but clever none the less…

  8. i have a bowl i made from an origional xbox s version controler and it is fucking awesome. i love it

  9. That’s a Nintendo 64 controller.

  10. @james greene

    Bong and xbox get more traffic than n64 and bowl. Also, you can’t read.

    Thank you.

  11. This article must be written by an idiot. You’d have to be an alcoholic to not notice it was a Nintendo 64 controller, not a stoner.

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