Windows Phone 7 Update Bricking Some Phones

Microsoft recently unleashed their first Windows Phone 7 update on the world. It was a small update, designed to prepare the device for the larger and more anticipated update that will bring about added functionality like Copy/Paste to the device.

This little update seems to be causing big problems.*

Microsoft’s update has apparently caused phones to stop working, locking up or outright bricking them completely. Microsoft’s Windows Phone support team had gone so far as to suggest to one Windows Phone 7 user to take their phone to a store and having someone look at it. It’s reported that the phones having the most problems are those running on Samsung-manufactured devices, specifically the Focus and Omnia 7.

To Microsoft’s credit, they have been quick to address the issue. The company has pulled the update for the affected phones and they have stated on their support forums that Windows Phone 7 owners should look for an update that will address these issues in three days time. Whether this will fix the issue or not remains to be seen.


*That pun was silly, I apologize

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