Willlllllber!: Realistic Horse Head Mask

Hey there, sugar cube. I heard you like horse play so I put a horse on your mask so you can horse around while you horse around. This Horse Head Mask is not only a great Halloween costume, but also makes the greatest gift of all time. It’s creative, unique, strange and everyone wants one as soon as they see it. If that’s not an awesome gift then what is?

This mask is so realistic that you’ll be begging for carrot sticks in no time. You know what I would do though? I would wear the mask and design a shirt that reads something like “Free Horsey Rides,” then see who goes for it. Could be fun. Whipping is optional. Where do the heads come from? Get your own for $29.99.

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    “…and everyone wants one as soon as they see it.”
    Very, very true.

  2. This is exactly the mask which was worn by the infamous ‘horse boy’ on google streetview. This disguise is simply amazing! Who is the producer of this mask?

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