Wiimote and Classic Controller form a civil union: Is it Wii love?


We came across yet another Wiimote mod and couldn’t help ourselves to share it will all of our fellow gearheads. Budding mechanical engineer Chris Williams spent his weekend doing something only us gamers can dream about. Creating yet a new interesting way of controlling your Wii.

A note to Kotaku from Williams:

I’ve always hypothesized that the “mystery” button (un)connects an as-of-yet unreleased clip that would allow you to attach your wiimote to the Classic Controller. The idea being that such a thing would be good for (a) getting the wiimote out of the way and (b) for any games that may want to have a mix between dual-analog controls and motion-sensitive controls.

So what does this mod actually accomplish? Clipping a classic controller onto the Wiimote sensor. Hmmm…interesting. — Andrew Dobrow

Wii Remote & Classic Controller In Unholy Union [Kotaku]

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