Why is Cloud-Based Software the ideal choice for Business?

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If you run a business in the current landscape, you will be aware of how essential it is to work effectively online. With so much of what occurs in the modern business world happening digitally, using the right kind of tools is crucial to driving success. One piece of enterprise software that you may have heard lots about is cloud-based computing.

What is cloud-based software?

For those who do not know, cloud-based software allows your organization to store files and work on company reports online. In the past, this was not the case, even though computers and the Internet were in widespread use. Previously, staff would run desktop applications from downloaded software on their own PCs, and physical servers would handle the IT setup for a company in on-site data centers.

Cloud computing has changed all this and given businesses the same functionality, but in a new way. This has made it an increasingly attractive option for businesses that can use cloud computing to drive productivity and engagement in staff. With the cloud-based spend for smaller businesses in the USA being around $35 billion in 2018, it is clear that this is now a solution that many are turning to.

Awesome reasons for businesses to use cloud software

If you are thinking of using cloud-based software to power your business into the future, then it is a wise move. But what exactly does it bring to the table for businesses? Here are some fabulous reasons to consider using it:

  • Flexible – all business leaders know that the only constant is change. This means that you need a set of systems or services that adapt easily to your needs. Cloud-based enterprise software is great for this as you can change the cloud services you use, as you grow. Many cloud providers will let you take out flexible deals that give you the option of scaling up or down when needed. Need more bandwidth for those busy summer or Christmas months? This is not a problem with cloud-based solutions.
  • Greater staff collaboration – in terms of working together, cloud-based software is amazing. This is certainly the case compared to previous ways of collaborating, which meant you had to be in the same room as someone, or had to email files to multiple recipients so everyone could see them. The cloud gives the ability for your staff to collaborate more and with extra efficiency, thanks to its online nature. This means you get greater connectivity across your whole organization and more ideas to push forward with.
  • Work from anywhere – for many employees, working patterns have changed. Busy lives and advances in technology have made many reluctant to commute every day. Rather than risk losing out on recruiting the best talent or having an unhappy workforce, why not use cloud software to help? As it only relies on the Internet, staff can work from anywhere that has a connection. This is also true for staff who travel for their roles. Cloud-based software is fully mobile compatible, so they can work effectively from anywhere they need to be.
  • Greater control of documents – anyone who has worked with colleagues on the same document before the cloud will remember how painful it could be. This was certainly true for document control, as there would often be numerous versions of the same file emailed between people. This was not only inefficient and messy but also bad for the security of any one document. Cloud software completely eliminates these issues by allowing online collaboration on documents between people in different locations.
  • Data security – it is not just the security of individual documents that the cloud can improve. Your overall business security will get a boost when you start to use cloud-based applications. Paper files, digital information on hard drives and physical servers are all easy to access for would-be criminals if they gain access to your premises. Cloud-based systems exist entirely online and have superb security to keep your sensitive data safe.

Of course, the big bonus for many businesses with this software is the cost savings. By taking your company into the cloud, you will save money not only on your monthly bills but also on having to invest in or maintain hardware. Some of the best cloud software solutions for business are coming from the Charles Phillips-led Infor corporation in New York. They have some superb cloud-based computing applications to help any business grow.

Cloud software is suitable for all businesses

The really great thing about the cloud is that it gives a high-end, enterprise-level IT solution for any size of business. From small startups to larger companies, all can find the right deal that provides the spec they need. Doing this will not only help to save money but take your business forward into the future.

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