5 Important Factors to Know Before You Purchase Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 will turn out being a great fit for several situations. To know more about it will help you to use it in the best way.

Off late, everyone has been talking a lot about Office 365. It is worth to buy office 365 for your organisation, clients or freelance work. It is basically Microsoft’s cloud version of Office. You will be able to get linked to it through the internet. Go ahead and easily set an account, pay for it and get the suitable files downloaded. All set for your work. The good part here is you do not have to deal with installation discs.

  1. What exactly is the cloud?

This is known to be the standard term for hosting service when it comes to using it for offsite files. When you work on Office 365 files, you would have to upload and get the files synchronized through Microsoft’s cloud or Windows SkyDrive. In case you are using another device or location to use these files which does not have Office installed, this could come to your benefit. All the files are completely yours. Thus, you are free to store them anywhere you want to.

  1. Office and its essential parts

The desktop version is all that we are using for years, right? But the recent addition to the family is the Office Web Apps and Office 365. When it comes to Office Web Apps they are available for free. Plus, you can work on Office’s Internet version with the help of with SkyDrive. You can further make changes to the files through the Web Apps which do not have office installed.

On the other hand, Office 365 comes as a plan which can be used post subscribing. You will be able to use Office functionality through the cloud. You can expect it to be somewhat be a hybrid between the free web pages and desktop version. It also provides you with desktop functionality along with net based expediency. Thus,it works on several devices. This is the part which actually matters the most to users and clients.

  1. What is it that you’ll require?

Office 365 basically works on Windows 7 and 8. The browser should be compatible, which means Safari 5, IE 9, Firefox 12 or Chrome 18.For the Mac users you would require OS X 10.6. Again, the most important part is you would need internet connection when you would require installation of Office 365.

  1. a) For Macs you would require Intel processor or GHz processor
  2. b) 2 GB RAM (64-bit), GB or RAM (32-bit)
  3. c) 2.5 GB for Macs, also GB accessible in the hard disk space
  1. Overall subscription price

If you have a business that’s small, and the users are maybe 25 or even lesser, then you could opt for Office 365. In case you opt to pay each year, then you would have to pay about $5, annually the cost would be around $60 (that is per user). In case you want to pay as per your need then you would have to pay about $6 per month. You could also opt for the home version which would cost you $9.99 every month. You will be able to work easily with 5 Macs or pcs. Know more about Office 365 to Office 365 Migration and Tenant to Tenant Migration Office 365 SharePoint.

  1. What are you getting?

The apps that you finally get will depend on the subscription you have opted for. The regular PC plans in most cases would include OneNote, PowerPoint, Access, Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher.

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