Why Doesn’t Anyone Live on the Moon Yet?

Ever wondered why can’t you just pack up your bags and take the next rocket ship straight to the moon?

Earth is more populated than it has ever been. Humans are looking for an alternative that is vast, serene and full of natural resources. Some people think of the Moon as a possible place to live. But astrophysics have repeatedly proven that living on a Moon is not only difficult but also quite dangerous.

What factors make living on Moon nearly impossible for humans?

1. Difficult to capture water on Moon

Recent reports by ISRO(The Indian Space Research Organisation) suggest the availability of water on the Moon. Even though this a good news for those trying to be optimistic about the colonizing the Moon, it is very difficult to find water there.

Scientists at ISRO found water in the Exosperic layer and the sub-surface of the Moon. Also, the polar region is reckoned to have water bodies. But due to lack of the atmosphere there, water generally evaporates quickly and cannot be captured the way we do on the Earth. It quickly fumes up and fades into the celestial space.

2. Temperature fluctuates massively

A single day on the Moon is equivalent to 28 days in the Earth. Secondly, the temperature during the daytime can reach up to 100 degrees on the Moon. And it falls to minus 173 degrees at the night. This makes it impossible for a human to survive there without the use of a spacesuit. The fluctuation in a short period is mainly due to a lack of atmosphere on the moon(it is present but the layer is very thin; nearly non-existent).

3. Solar wind

Unlike Earth’s magnetosphere, there is no protective layer(for solar winds) on the Moon’s surface. When solar winds approach the Earth at lightning speeds, the magnetosphere acts as an obstruction and deflects the solar winds in many directions. This diffuses the wind and it loses its intensity.

Hence, it never penetrates the atmosphere of the Earth. But this is not the case with the Moon. Solar flares and winds are a common phenomenon on the Moon and humans(if they are to inhabit the Moon) will have to stay within a protective shield all the times.

4. There is no air to breathe on the Moon


Earths atmosphere is rich in Oxygen and Nitrogen which protects us from the harness of the celestial space. Moon has no such layer and the surface is in direct contact with the external space. Meaning, there is no medium through which gases can travel.

Hence, it is impossible to breathe in the Moon. Moreover, due to a low gravitational force, the air that enters into the Moon’s space evaporates or escapes quickly. There is nothing on Moon that can hold the essential gases like Oxygen and Nitrogen.

The bottom line

Even if scientists find a way to build a sheltered place(by spending billions of dollars) to live on the Moon, the situation is so fragile that it is not a risk worth taking.

Besides, the Moon is three times smaller than the Earth. It would be wise for humans to invest their valuable time and resources someplace else.

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