Save your Time with a Bulk Email Verification Service

Email verification service

Yes, you can save a lot of time and invest it in something more creative by hiring the services of bulk email verification companies. If you are into email marketing or working as a data broker or maybe leads group and as a call center employee, then you can get an email verification system to verify your email addresses. It has been shown that by using these services you can reduce your bounce rate by up to 60% and more.

Upload your email list

You can upload your whole list of email contacts and get them verified at once through these genius email verification services. Verifying an email’s validity and quality is necessary in today’s time and businesses of al sizes have started to understand that. Once you upload your list and have it verified, you will get back and you can use it to send your campaigns safely and successfully. There are many benefits of email verification as it gives you the perfect solution to remove abandoned and inaccurate email addresses.

Get your email verified

It is very important to get your emails verified as it helps you keep your current connections as loyal subscribers and interested prospects. This will result in enhanced email marketing results. An email verifier can check email addresses in real time, through an API, and ensure they are entered correctly. Also, you can use it to upload email lists and determine how many of your leads are valid. It is perfect for ensuring the accuracy for long established and new email lists.

Misspelled email addresses

Misspelled email addresses appear from human faults and can significantly raise your bounce rate. It’s essential that you check and correct misspellings. Like [email protected], [email protected], or – these are all typos that people can make when they want to subscribe to your email list.

To shun misspelled addresses, use the opt-in process and ask the subscriber to confirm their agreement to join your mailing list by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

Role and Distribution Email Accounts

There are certain emails addresses associated with a precise department or functional area within a company, which are designed only to get messages in that particular functional area. Such as [email protected] is projected only to receive email for customer support, [email protected] is used to get email for “xyz” administrator.

These accounts are not created for advertising communications or for personal use. Thus, you need to keep in mind that they cannot be used for subscription purposes.

Role email accounts are frequently placed on web pages and end up on email lists that are later sold to email advertisers who want to build their directories quicker than they could through the classic subscription process. A good email verification service will spot this type of accounts and remove them from your list.

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  1. Email validation does, indeed, save a lot of time and money. The process is relatively fast, depending on how many contacts you have in your database, and the results can really make a difference in how your campaigns perform.

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