Why didn’t you think of this?: The PeaceMaker Toilet Seat Lifter

Living in a household with females can be a messy situation. You forget to close that toilet seat once and you better have an extra strong cup to protect your crotch region. Preventing that could save you lots of stress and lots of physical pain. The PeaceMaker is a pedal-driven toilet seat lifter, which means our lazy asses don’t have to bend down to lift it up, which always seems like a huge ordeal.

When you’re done with your bladder evacuation, just take your foot off the pedal and the lid falls back down. Just don’t do it too loud or you’ll probably get shit for that too. Available for $29.95. — Andrew Dobrow

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    I had this idea for 10 years ago, but when I applied for patent I got no support…
    Even had a sleeker design

    Now there is several different models/producers of these.

    I had this idea 33 years ago, having a wife and 3 daughters.
    I called mine: “The Tiddy Tipper” It lifted with air and came down soft and slow, never banging down.
    I have a Bicycle Trailer patent…one is enough!
    Have Fun. Jim Ragland (retired @ 52)

  3. Yeah, I also thought of that few years ago. I guess many people thought as well. Anyway, in my design you dont have to hold your foot on pedal. One push lifts it, 2nd push drops it and flushes. And it’s easy to prevent the noise of hitting. Anyway, Im glad someone did it.

    This is good because I dont like touching the seat.


  4. I just remembered:


    In that forum topic, peope discussed my idea.

  5. The problem I see with this is when you have to sit down for your business. Where do you put your foot? Is the pedal in the way?

  6. I thought of this in 1990 for a Tech. Writing coarse. Had the drawings’ that somehow got lost. I feel like it is an great idea. It was MY idea…I’ll have and have had more!!!

  7. I had this idea years before the toilet was invented, however the blueprints were somehow misplaced or stolen. My design was voice activated, or zipper sound activated. after the sensors detected the last drop a hidden arm-like extension would appear from behind the tank with a tissue at the end of it gently dabbing the tip of the penis. Then it would drop the tissue in the bowl place your penis back in the clothing and flush the toilet. But I had to wait around for the toilet to be invented and I lost interest and began design on the visor holding beer hat with direct straw withdrawl. Oh well good luck (never worked a day in my life)

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