Why Autonomous Driving Could Actually Be a Great Thing

There was a lot of talk in the 90s and the early 2000s about future humans driving flying cars for their daily commute. For some reason, people were more fascinated by the concept of beating the street traffic by being able to lift their car up and fly it like a helicopter. Well, that didn’t materialize. But in 2020, we can expect to see some driverless, autonomous or self-driving cars on the streets.

What is Autonomous Driving?

Autonomous driving is being able to mobilize a vehicle from one location to another without the need for a human to be present in the car. Autonomous cars or self-driving cars are still, in early 2020 is not a reality. Although, car companies like Tesla have promised their fans and car enthusiasts to showcase autonomous vehicles in 2020. 

This is what Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla had to say about self-driving cars. 

Before you read further, I would like to say that it does not seem like fully autonomous driving will become a reality soon. There are more hindrances than people originally thought. In this post, I have still optimistically shared some reasons why this notion could be transcendent for humanity.

The Big Reasons Why Autonomous Driving Could Actually Be a Great Thing

1) Could Ease Traffic Problems

Let’s not forget, most of the traffic problems are a direct result of human negligence. The streets have been laid out perfectly for a smooth flow of vehicles. Yet people end up stuck in traffic because of a silly mistake made by one driver on the road. Self-driving cars can eliminate traffic congestion altogether. The cars will have a roadmap of how to handle themselves flawlessly.

2) People Will Be A Lot Happier

As the traffic congestion will be eliminated by self-driving cars, a regular office goes will not have to worry about getting stuck on the way due to a bottleneck. An employee will reach his workplace on time without getting late. The health will also improve as people won’t be spending as much time as they spend in their cars now. Needless to say, sitting in the same position for hours won’t be required. 

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3) The Disabled Will Also Be Able to Travel Without Any Problems

Lastly, there is no way for disabled people to transport themselves from one place to another independently. They have to rely on their relatives, friends, and caregivers to drive them around. Self-driving cars will give a new lease of life for those with physical disabilities. Even wounded or diseased people will be able to make the most of this technological advancement.


These are the reasons why self-driving cars are a must for a better and safer planet. There are a lot of hopes to see self-driving cars on the street in 2020, but no one knows when they will become a norm.

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