Why a Full-Size SUV is Perfect for a Full-Size Family

Gone are the days when the only way to get a family around was to load everyone up in a packed station wagon or van. While these vehicles once performed well as transportation for a large family, that was about all they were able to do. Today’s large family is looking for a vehicle that offers more versatility while providing comfort and fuel economy. 

In Toronto, there’s plenty of reason for a family to own an SUV. After all, southern Ontario boasts some of North America’s the most beautiful camping and cottage country. Whether you’re a family that prefers the lakes in Muskoka or one of Ontario’s many famous beaches along the great lakes, your whole family will be riding in perfect comfort in a full-sized SUV. 

Introducing the Full-Size SUV

An SUV might not be a brand-new invention, but more people are using it today for more purposes than ever. One of the largest growing sectors for SUV ownership is people who need to be able to bring a growing family on any adventure that they are eager to enjoy. 

Additional Seating

It might go without saying, but if you’ve never owned an SUV, you may not realize how much seating they offer. While a mid-sized SUV offers three rows of full-sized adult seats, a full-sized model can seat 7 or 8 people in complete comfort. That means your children will have plenty of room on long trips so they won’t be packed in like frustrated sardines. 

Additional Storage

An SUV offers more seating, and it also offers more storage space. If you’re a family living in Toronto and want to get away to cottage country every weekend of the summer, you should consider buying a full-sized SUV. One of the best parts about buying a vehicle in the city is that you’ll get plenty of options to choose from. After all, there are plenty of Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs for sale in Toronto that would ideally suit the needs of a Toronto family that enjoys weekend excursions. 


Summer road trips to the cottage are fun, but eventually, the harsh Toronto winter is bound to hit. Even in the deepest storm, you’ll be happy that you’re riding in the safest of a large SUV with all-wheel drive. Safety is one of the main reasons why more families are buying SUVs rather than vans or station wagons today. If you want to ensure your family’s safety on the road, you need to buy an SUV.

Getting a Great Deal

If your only hesitation about buying an SUV for your family is the price tag, then don’t let that stop you. You can visit a Toronto dealership that sells previously-owned family SUVs in excellent condition. Why should you pay full price for a vehicle that will only depreciate dramatically as soon as you drive it off the lot? Get a used SUV instead. 

The best way to find out what options you can get in a full-sized SUV is to visit a dealership and talk to a salesperson about what’s available within your budget. Try one out today. 

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