Family Vacation Tips: How to Ensure Everyone Has a Memorable Time

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Are your kids constantly nagging you to take that much-delayed family vacation? Considering how the world coped with the disaster that was the year 2020, we think everyone deserves a break at this point. The only downer is that family vacations are a bit challenging to plan. You need to take care of everyone’s needs and ensure that they get to enjoy themselves as a family and individually. 

If you’re wondering how to make your upcoming family vacation most memorable, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. With detailed planning, consideration, and research, you can have the best family vacation of your life. Don’t have the time for all that research? Don’t worry. Here are some easy tips which will guarantee you and your family a memorable time. 

Plan for a comfortable stay

When traveling solo, you think more about exploring and enjoying the journey than about where to stay. It works when you have only yourself to look after but with family, especially kids, accommodation is as important as the destination. Suppose you ignore the lodging needs. In that case, the only thing your family will remember is a tacky hotel that did not even have a pool. Don’t take the carefree approach and research hotels carefully according to what your family would prefer. 

For instance, for an adventurous vacation to destinations like the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, it is best not to leave kids at the mercy of camps. Why not go for Gatlinburg luxury cabins to experience nature with all the facilities and amenities? Whether it’s a camping trip or a summer vacay, book the most comfortable accommodations for a memorable experience.

Take input from everyone

Giving your family a surprise vacation has its charms, but most often, it backfires. If you want the trip to be good, you must allow everyone to participate in the planning phase. Each member should recommend the destination they love, talk about the location’s pros and cons, and make a consensus. Family vacations should be all about spending time together and making memories, even when deciding the destination. 

The entire family should have a say in the decision-making process, especially the kids. Suppose you plan the family vacation without letting the kids in on the details. In that case, it can ruin the entire purpose of the de-stressing holiday. Ask them where they’d want to go, what they’d want to do, where they’d like to stay, and for how long. Offer the entire family an all-inclusive experience so that they may remember every part of the trip. 

Plan for family activities

Family holidays are all about doing everything together. Right? So, don’t plan stuff that only accommodates your or your partner’s interests. For a memorable family vacay, it is crucial that you thoroughly prepare for activities that everyone can do together. We suggest you take inspiration from the list of things every member penned down at the time of planning. For instance, think about what your kids would like to do? Would they want to spend all their time at the beach, or would they like to go to an amusement park? 

Likewise, you should create an itinerary that includes sightseeing, dining, experiencing the culture, and more that you can do with everyone. Another thing that you can do is dedicate one day to each member. And everyone can do those activities together which that member would love to do. 

Let the kids make memories

What better way for your kids to document their memories than to take pictures? And we are not talking about smartphones but actual vintage cameras. Why? Because waiting for that perfect shot and preparing for it lets you savor the moment a bit more than quickly capturing the moment with your phone. Seeing the world through a focused lens can change their perspective, and who knows? They might end up capturing their lives’ most memorable moments. 

When on family vacations, it is essential to let your kids safely experience the new destination, culture, and environment. While you may be making loads of memories as a family, the kids need to make some personal memories of their own too. 

Stick to the family traditions

Even though exotic locations and natural beauty will be surrounding you and your family, it is always nice to feel a bit of “home.” You can make your family, especially your kids, feel comfortable by letting them enjoy the vacation in their comfort zone. For instance, you can bring along everyone’s favorite books, toys, or even snacks to feel homey vibes. 

You can also make the vacation cherishing for your family by maintaining traditions like watching a favorite family movie together. It is all about creating a blend of memories that will always bring joy to the family. 

Limit the internet and the screens

In current times where everyone rarely goes about without posting whatever they are doing, try to make your family vacation a personal affair. Sure, you would like everyone to know how amazing you are having. Still, family vacations should be about spending time with each other rather than gluing yourself to the phones and the internet. Your family vacation memories should be about a meaningful moment that you would like to cherish forever. 

So, it is best to decide as a family that everyone will spend as little time as possible on phones and other devices. Family vacations are a time to encourage raw experiences such as writing travel journals, collecting souvenirs, connecting with family, and so on. 


Family vacations offer the perfect opportunity to gather unforgettable memories. From the moment you start planning the trip to when you are sitting on the flight back home, every step should be a family affair. Every member should give their input on matters like choosing the destination, activities, accommodation, etc. The entire experience could bring everyone even closer. So, ensure that you have planned out everything thoroughly, from booking comfortable accommodations to planning day-to-day activities so that everyone can focus on enjoying. Make your family vacation memorable by spending time together and sharing experiences. 

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