Which Is The Best Time And Dose To Use Kratom Shots?

With the increasing demand for organic products worldwide, we have seen a massive upsurge in the number of Kratom users. People realize its potential benefits and want to consume them at least once. But, as it is one of the controversial organic products, people tend to ask questions about its dosage and the best time to take it. Beginners find it challenging to get the correct dosage and look for the right time to get the best results.

Well, having Kratom in the proper dosage and at the correct time is crucial to reap its maximum benefits. When it comes to kratom shots, knowing the proper dosage is more important because it comes in the most concentrated form. Therefore, here we will shed light on everything to help you know the best time and correct dosage for the shots to maximize your enjoyment.


An Introduction to the Kratom Shots

One of the popular ways of consuming this herbal substance is a shot. Kratom shots are nothing but a liquid version of the extracts. It has come up with a higher concentration of alkaloid content, making it more potent and rawer. Therefore, the shot offers an excellent effect on the body and stays very long. People purchase this because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Experienced users reported that it is much more effective than powder and capsules.

But, it is crucial to get it in the correct dosage to avoid drug abuse. Knowing the right time to have a shot is crucial to get the full effect. You can take the Kratom shot in the morning, evening, or night, depending on your comfort level. But it would be best to have them in the morning as a pick-me-up. If you are a beginner, try to have it in the full stomach and a lower dose. Though, experienced users can have them according to their comfort level.

The Right Time And Correct Dose For Kratom Shots

An extract is mainly a concentrated form of the Kratom plant. Hence, it comes up with a bitter taste which many people hate. But they still want to have them because of the benefits they get. However, before we jump into the section where we will discuss the right time and correct dosage of Kratom shots, you must know that each strain is different. Hence, their effects will be different as well. Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss the appropriate time and dosage for the shots.

The Right Time To Have Kratom Shots

As we already mentioned, the shots are the most concentrated form and more potent than powdered leaves. Therefore, you must follow extreme caution while having the Kratom shots. However, make sure to get the right strain according to your needs because only some strains offer the same effects. For example, individuals looking for a relaxing effect after a hectic day at work may opt for the Red vein Kratom. On the other hand, if you wish to boost your productivity, Green vein Kratom shots might be helpful.

However, no matter what strains you select, try to take them after a moderately sized meal. However, if you are an experienced user, consider experimenting with having them before the meal. But, you must be mindful of the dose. So, consumers can take the shot whenever they want, according to their preference. But, if you wish to experience this magic herb’s bitter taste, you can combine it with edibles or beverages.

Have It With Hot Or Cold Beverages In the Morning

In the morning, you can mix your shot with tea as an alternative to coffee or tea. It may offer increased productivity and energy. But do not put the shot into boiling water because excessive heat may reduce its effectiveness. If you do not prefer hot beverages with the shots, you can also make a glass of smoothie or cold drinks.

Then, you can have it in the afternoon, right after your lunch. But always make sure to get the correct dosage to ensure safe consumption. Remember, a teaspoon is equivalent to 3 to 4 grams, so make sure to put half a teaspoon of the liquid. Then, slowly increase the dosage if you don’t experience its effects.


Combine The Shot With Other Edibles In the Afternoon Or Night

If you want to have the high quality kratom extracts like shots in the afternoon or night instead of the morning, you can mix the shot with your meal. Even better, you can make other recipes to mix the shots into them. For instance, if you have a salad bowl, spread the shot over the salad and have it.

The best part is that you can mix the shot with a tasty dessert to mask the rustic taste. Then, have it right after you have your dinner. However, always measure the shot instead of putting it all at once into your meal. It may harm your body both physically and mentally. So, remember to have it in the correct dosage to avoid severe side effects.

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Dosage Guideline For The Kratom Shots

There is no straightforward answer about the correct dosage of the shot. But, if you are a beginner, starting slowly and gradually increasing the dosage is best to identify the correct one. It is so because every strain has different potency and everyone’s body is different. Additionally, it would be best to consider many factors to identify the correct dosage of Kratom shots, such as age, weight, metabolism, and tolerance.

However, the shot’s starting point is 1 to 2 grams. Then, you can slowly increase it to 5 grams after checking your tolerance level. Do not take the whole shot at once if you are a beginner. First, you need to check how much extract is in the bottle of your shots. You will find the amount mentioned on the label of the bottle. So, in case it holds 15 grams, make sure to finish the shot by having it three times a day.

We highly recommend not using more than 5 grams of Kratom shots daily. Even if you have it with other edibles, do not have more than 10 to 15 grams a day. Otherwise, you may develop dependency or cravings and get adverse effects. Also, it would be best if you remembered that the effects of the extracts start 10 to 15 minutes after you take your shots. So, please wait for a few minutes after you take them instead of overdosing.

Final Thoughts

Extracts are different from other products available on the market because they are more robust and have high potency. Therefore, knowing the right time and dosage is imperative, especially if you are a beginner.

At first, you must identify how Kratom for pain and anxiety and related issues affects your body and then decide your dosage. However, you can easily customize the dosage and have it any time of day to get desired effects. However, always purchase the Kratom shots from a reputed company to get a better experience.

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