How to Set Up and Customize your Outbound Caller ID?

If you have numerous phone numbers assigned to your extension, you can customize your caller ID settings to display whichever phone number you choose. This will be determined by the device, app, or feature used to make the outgoing call. 

Have you ever attempted to call a customer, but they rejected or declined your call because they thought it was spam? If they do not recognize the phone number, most individuals do not answer the phone when it rings. Therefore, if a consumer does not have your number saved as a contact in their phone, it is extremely implausible that they will recognize your call as being from your business when it arrives. 

What is the result? Customers are not picking up the phone. As a result of these issues, you might wonder how to alter the caller ID to improve response times. The answer is custom caller ID.

This article will guide you step-by-step through configuring your caller ID settings and personalizing outbound caller IDs. Continue reading the article to acquire further knowledge on the subject.

Historical context

Before you begin customizing outgoing caller IDs, you should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Caller ID types
  • Outbound caller ID priority

What exactly is Caller ID?

When a call is established, your phone displays the caller’s name. Customizing caller ID is almost always only possible when the user changes the phone’s contact card. Regardless of the end user, you can have a customized caller-ID for your company’s phone number.

As a single person, this is a considerably easier process. Changing one’s phone number is as simple as phoning the phone company and asking them to do it. Most of the time, phoning a phone carrier to update all of the display IDs on outgoing calls is not an option for businesses.

Customers will have more confidence in your company if they see the same name on the caller ID, regardless of where the call originated.

Now that you have some knowledge of caller ID, also get some hands on information on customer ID to reach out more customers and enhance leads generation.

Changing Your Caller ID Has Many Advantages

If you customize, change or set your caller ID display, many advantages will accrue to your business. The essential benefit is that customers are more likely to answer their phones since they feel more confident doing so. Customers are more likely to answer the phone if they know it’s coming from your company.

Scammers are less likely to target you if you have caller ID, another perk. Customers will be more suspicious if a different, maybe unknown number calls and claims to represent your firm if they expect your organization to show caller ID when calling. It’s less likely that your number will be restricted if your company’s name appears on your caller ID. Unknown callers are likely to be blocked by clients who receive too many of them. Customers are less likely to ban your number if they recognize it as belonging to a respectable company.

Types of Caller ID

Outbound caller identification

When an extension user makes an outbound call, the phone number displayed on the called party’s phone is an outbound caller ID. Each trunk has a primary number shown when a recipient receives an outbound call. To personalize the outbound caller ID, you must first purchase the service from the trunk provider and then configure the PBX with the custom outbound caller ID. 

Outbound caller ID can be configured using the following features:

  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Outbound Path
  • Trunk
  • Extender

Inbound caller identification

Inbound caller ID is the phone number of an external user displayed on the phone of an extension user when the external user calls the PBX System. Before being forwarded to the destination users, inbound Caller IDs can be reformatted.

Outbound caller ID priority

When an extension user makes an outgoing call, the system first determines whether the call is an emergency. It then transmits an outbound caller ID based on the priority listed below (from the highest to the lowest).

  • Extensions’ emergency outbound caller ID
  • Trunk’s emergency outbound caller ID
  • The outbound Route caller ID 
  • Trunk’s outbound caller IDs connected with extension users
  • Trunk’s general outbound caller ID 
  • Trunk’s carrier-provided default phone number
  • Extension’s caller ID

Modifying the Settings for Your Extension

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over Configure and then click the Manage Users and Extensions button.
  2. Select the extension whose settings you wish to change and click the Edit button.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click Outbound Calls. From the drop-down box that appears, select the extension you wish to use as your caller ID.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click on the Save Changes option.

Your caller ID for outgoing calls has been reset.

Modifying the Settings for Your Phone Number

  1. Hover your mouse over Configure, then click the Manage Numbers button
  2. Select the phone number whose settings you wish to change and click the Edit button
  3. When you reach the section labelled Caller ID Name, scroll down and input the name (with a maximum of 15 characters) that you wish to appear as your caller ID
  4. Select the Save Changes option at the bottom of the page for custom caller ID

Your caller ID for outgoing calls has been reset.

A few essential points to take into account

If the box labelled “Publish this number in the National Caller ID Name database” is ticked, the name you enter will be added to the database whenever you call using that particular number. In most cases, landline carriers are subscribers to the National Caller ID Name database. This means that when you call others who use those carriers, they will be able to see the caller ID name that you have selected for yourself.

It may take a maximum of up to a month for this setting to be reflected in all databases pertaining to landlines. In most cases, this will not have an effect on cell phones. A distinct system handles the caller ID information made available to subscribers of mobile phone services.

A month’s time will suffice for this setting to be reflected in all databases pertaining to landlines.


Q.1 Is it possible to personalize the caller ID?

To make changes to a specific phone number:

  1. Select it and click the Edit button.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the section labelled “Caller ID Name,” and then type in the name (with a maximum of 15 characters) that you wish to appear as your caller ID.
  3. At the bottom, select the Save Changes button.
  4. Click on it.

Q.2 How can I update the caller ID displayed on outgoing calls?

  • To make changes to a line, first select Lines from the sidebar on the left, and then click the line in question.
  • Set the External Caller ID to Use from the menu under General > Outbound Call Options, and then select and add the phone number you want to use.
  • Select the Save option.

Q. 3 How do I change the name that appears on the caller ID?

Make sure your display names are up to date. Choose to display the details for the number whose Caller ID information you want to update. Select Edit under Caller ID options. After entering the information, pick the Save button.

Q. 4 How can I modify the name on the caller ID when I make outgoing calls from my iPhone?  

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 12 and navigate to the Phone section to change your Caller ID. Tap the Change button next to the “Caller ID” heading under “My Number.” Tap the Done button after entering your new Caller ID.

Q.5 Can I set my Caller ID to display a business name or a specialized message instead?

Caller identification, or caller ID, on the vast majority of modern phones, can also display text in addition to the calling number. It goes by the acronym CNAM. CNAM service can display the business name or any custom text associated with your phone number to the person who is phoning if you are not familiar with this feature (on an outgoing call).

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