When It’s the Right Time to Say I Love You

I love you

All in good time. Many men want to know when the right moment for saying those famous three words I love you comes. It’s just three words but how powerful they are. They are hard to voice and at the same time so much awaited. Timing is very important if you’ve made up your mind to say those words to your partner. If you manage to say them at the right moment of your relationship, you’ll give a great spur to it. At the same time, you can spoil it by choosing the wrong time to open up. The following tips by Romance Dating Firm will help you pick the right moment and declare your love to your date.

When you are not to say words of love

The first time you say I love you to your date is always special and you should know about the situations when you’d better not say those words.

  • Being highly agitated. Some stressful situations may prompt you to get too frank. You should know it’s not the best time for your partner to hear so intimate things from you.
  • Being drunk. In this case, you will regret it later or just won’t be able to recall it.
  • While having sex. This is a totally inappropriate moment for saying those important words for the first time.
  • On the first date. You’ve just met a person; saying words of love will be a hasty decision.

When it’s the right time

Usually, people are ready to say I love you after they have got to know each other well enough. That is why you should wait for a couple of months before you venture to open up. Saying those words during the first weeks of your relationship you may come across as too pushy. Of course, you might feel a strong affection and like many things about your partner but you need some time to explore their personality from all sides in order to become absolutely sure that this is the person you want to say the words of love to.

As a rule, most people start telling each other about their love after six months of their relationship. If your love is reciprocal, both of you will be the happiest people on the earth. However, you shouldn’t despair if your partner doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. It can be absolutely shattering not to hear the words of love in return but deep down people always feel how their partners will react.


Before you venture to make a declaration of love, get ready for any answer. You should decide that even if your partner doesn’t say the same words, it’s not the end. They can also have their reasons that will be discussed later. You should be very delicate making your declaration. Say you just want your partner to know about your feelings and if they are not ready to say the same to you, you’ll wait when they’ll be ready. You should also add that your partner makes you happy and you cherish every moment you’ve spent together. By saying all this, you make it clear to your partner that you love them and simultaneously you avoid putting them under pressure.

You should be realistic from the outset and be ready to accept any reaction even if your partner doesn’t return your words.

Why these three simple words are so hard to voice

Both men and women have their reasons that don’t let them say I love you. First of all, different people have different understanding of love. For some people, love is when you just get a kick out of being together, while others think it’s a commitment.

The attitude to expressing one’s feeling also stems from the family environment in which a person has grown up. If they didn’t hear their parents say the words of love to each other, saying them on their own will make them feel awkward. If you do know that your partner has particularly this type of family, don’t expect them to be very open. Do everything to develop an appropriate environment in your relationship that will allow your partner get more intimate and frank.

One of the most common reasons to fear those three words is the commitment that goes hand in hand with love. If you date someone and then suddenly say I love you to that person, you automatically bring your relationship to another level that requires another level of responsibility. Many people don’t want to bind themselves and prefer leaving things as they are as long as possible.

Saying I love you is an important step in your relationship. If you feel like declaring your love to somebody, do it at the right time and don’t expect to hear the same words in return. Take into account all the reasons why your partner may not profess their love. The key idea is to let your date know you’re very serious about your relationship and you would be happy to take it onto another level.

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