What You Can Do With a Communications Degree?

The job market all around the world is getting tougher by the day as recruiters receive an overwhelming number of applications for a single job posting. Naturally, the candidates who possessa degree have higher chances of getting a job. Degrees are intellectually gratifying as they provide students with in-depth insights into specific subjects. And a high number of students are enrolling in degree programs to enhance their knowledge and add weightage to their résumés. Many of them realize that qualification ups their game, and while it may not be a pre-requisite for aspecific job, it does pave the wayfor career advancement.

COVID-19 has slowed down the economy on a global level and changed the way people perceive the world on a massive scale. People are home-bound, owing to the lockdown administered by their governments. They are utilizing this time in polishing their skills, and many are enrolling in degree programs to enhance their earning potential.


A degree in communication is versatile as it opens the doors toa plethora of career options. It equips students with the skills for communicating with people from all backgrounds and make them adaptable in any situation. With a bachelor’s in communications, you can make a career in several fields.A few of the career options for prospective communication degree holders are listed below:

Human Resources

Human Resources is a crucial department for any organization. The department develops and maintains work ethics, monitors, and improves the performance of employees and often motivates them to give their best to the company. A degree in communication helps students in gaining the skillset of conversing as per circumstances, which is essential for human resources. Individuals working in the department of human resources earn a substantial salary, and the chances of promotion are high as well.


Marketing has evolved by leaps and bounds in the past few years; nonetheless, communication still holds its value in this field. A bachelor’s in communication can land a job in the marketing field and give you a chance to demonstrate your communication skills. The purpose of marketing is to attract more customers and sustain existing ones. Effective written and oral communication is the key to designing and running successful campaigns and generate profit. Corporations rely heavily on marketing departments and seek people who possess a talent for convincing others. 

Public Relations Specialist

Organizations having strong PR, brand themselves well,and outshine others in the community. Degrees in communication do not only equip students with communication skills but also give them insight into human psychology. The job of a PR specialist includes devising strategies on behalf of the company to showcase the brand. They need to have a strong understanding of the company’s product, its vision, and its target customers. Sometimes certain factors malign the brand’s name, which impacts it negatively. PR specialist uses his or her practical skills to helpavert the negative impact.


Communication expedites all primary operations of a business, like organizing, planning, and staffing. Business communication is an area of discussion which offers a profound understanding of the business world in terms of internal or external spheres and official or unofficial affairs. A degree of communication is an ideal major for students aspiring to be an entrepreneur as they learn the necessary skills that they need to survive against cut-throat competition.In the corporate world, regardless of a product or service, even entry-level jobs require you to demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills.


A general misconception is that the degree of communication can only create pathways for a career in media. Albeit, media is the most obvious choice for people who possess a degree in any field of communication. Advancement in technology continues to evolve the media industry, while digital media appearsto dominate, print, and electronic media still hold their value. Magazine, journalism, television /film production, or other fields related to media are always on the lookout for enthusiasts having strong communication skills. During the pursuit of a degree in communication, students become competent enough to curate and publicize information in alluring ways, which makes them exemplary candidates for jobs in media.


Education is a vast industry, and educational institutes require people from different educational backgrounds. Coordinators, teachers, professors, or administrative staff all need to have potent communication competence to perform better in their respective departments. Although they may require other degrees to land a job in educational institutes, still a degree in communication serves as a distinguishing factor and raises the chances of securing positions for the applicants.


Communication is vital for surviving in today’s world. Communication students learn to breakdown complex subjects in easy-to-understand language and earn skills to communicate with eloquence. A degree in communication expands students’ horizon and expose them to a broader community, where they get a chance to exhibit their communication skills. The advantages of earning a degree in any field of communication are far too many. Still, the most vital part is that it opens the door to a variety of career options for you. 

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