What to Expect from Fortnite Season 7

Plot of the game

If you’ve been hiding under a rock since the first of December, it would interest you to know that the Fortnite Season 7 has already started.Last December 6, the update went live, and the player base has been enjoying all the new Fortnite items and gameplay changes that came with it.

There’s a blanket of snow covering the whole island, for example. There are also new skins, and a whole new way to cross the map ahead of the storm. All that will be explained in the next section, so read on!

Gameplay Changes

Aside from the new snowy environment, one of the best things that came with the update was a five-seater plane. It can zoom you and your team across the map, and you can even have aerial battles. Now you can take your duels and battles to the sky, without even having to build an elaborate tower!

Next, you can now decorate your guns and vehicles with the new festive wrap mechanic. It will apply to all your equipment and vehicles and is a quick and easy way to customize your stuff.

Then there’s a slew of new skins. Some of them are cool, some of them are cozy, and all are downright awesome. Two of them, Zenith and Lynx, can be upgraded. Each of them changes as you complete the objectives they give. They’re unlockable for your Fortnite account, so don’t let the season pass without getting them. Otherwise, you can win Victory Royale in a cozy Onesie, or rule the snowy expanse with the Ice King skin. Along with those skins, new emotes also enter the game.

The Creative Mode

The most ambitious update to Fortnite, Creative Mode is almost a new game by itself. With infinite resources (but limited space), you can build any environment you want. Merely a few days after release, players have managed to recreate locations from other games among other things.

At any rate, your creation can be an arena for custom death matches, team fights, and whatever you want.After the match, what has been destroyed during the fight will revert back to how you first made it, and another round can start. It’s a better version of the Playground, but of course, there will be flaws to it. The Epic Games had stated that it’s not going to be a super polished experience yet. However,that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this mode already.

And More!

The new season also brought in a new set of challenges to complete — doubly so for those who have Battle Passes. With new challenges come new rewards, so complete those challenges! The rewards are anything from V-Bucks and pets to emotes and gliders. If anything catches your eye, don’t let the opportunity pass.

If you’re curious about how much your game account could sell for, Player Auctions has a handy tool for that, the Fortnite Account Value Calculator. Just input the information it asks for and click calculate for an estimate will appear. That estimate is based on past offers made on the site so it could end up cheaper or more expensive ifcompared to other sites.

So continue enjoying Fortnite, and win those Victory Royales!

Summary: A new season brings new Fortnite items, skins, and gameplay changes. Snow blankets almost a quarter of the map, and airplanes are now available for a new dimension of gunfights. The update also introduces the Creative Mode, where you can customize maps and matches to your liking. There’s something new for new, loyal, and returning players, so go enjoy Fortnite!

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