What OS Personality Are You?

I was once a hacker, but now I’m a graphic designer. Which OS personality are you? If I know anything about our audience, I’m going to assume many of you are artsy. But what the hell do I know? I might be giving you guys too much credit.

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  1. I’ve used all the OSs in graph above-so what does that make me. Also have DOS.

  2. Windows = losers? Idiot.

  3. Haha!!!!

    I love this argument! Especially MAC Vs. Windows Or Mac Vs. PC!!!

    Windows & a PC I support !!!
    MAC users are always in denial & defensive.
    They pay so much for their computers they have to defend & justify their purchase.
    They give Windows & PC users shit all the time & seem arrogant wankers when discussing this topic.
    They hate the fact there is always more than 9 ways to skin a cat on pc : ) (E.G Look at piratebay.org If we count the amount of apps e.c.t. available for Windows, & then the amount of apps for Mac, & then we converted these stats into penis sizes, our study would show Mac users have a pin dick ! HaHa )
    I love how expensive everything is for MAC. It is so cool to watch you MAC FAKS fork out loads of cash, be unhappy & broke, and then convince yourself you did a good thing & MAC is better & worth it. HAha !
    Look at Steve in Pirates of silicon Valley, I think hes got MAC users tripping of that LSD. Where as I’m more of a Poker playing drinker so I’m down with Gates.
    Then there is Linux! Which Is supreme to them both, but I do not have time in life to learn all the Jargon. I think there should be another portion on the graph called “Aliens” in which Linux people can be inserted into as they are on their own with vast knowledge if they can get their head around it all entirely.

  4. I think windows users are less of losers and more like gamers. I’m 100% geek btw.

  5. the funniest thing here is people who thing that windows is its own operating system, when in truth it needs DOS to run. Until W7 in which case it needs linux to run… you’re not using an OS you’re using a batch program that runs in an OS. Hmmm… guess that does make you all losers.

  6. I’m stuck in the middle with you…

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