What Makes the Best Online Coding Classes So Great?

Parents everywhere want their kids to learn advanced computer skills because they understand that digital technology isn’t going anywhere. Knowing how technology works helps you participate in society more effectively, whether using apps or applying your programming skills to get a job.

However, not all online coding classes teaching kids how to program are equal. Let’s check out what separates the best online coding classes from the rest.

Video Games at the Heart

Kids love games, especially video games. Any parent who has witnessed how hard it is to scrape their child away from their screen knows that first-hand!

The leading online weekday coding sessions make their classes revolve around how to create a video game, one that students can play with friends and family. Learning how to program a video game becomes a type of game itself.

Plus, the best programming courses embed gamification concepts into the classes, harnessing what makes video games so fun and addictive for learning purposes. 

Small Classrooms

Students shouldn’t have to compete with their peers to get their teacher’s attention, whether the class is on or offline. That’s why the best coding classes have a low ratio of students per teacher, some even going as low as four-to-one.

When every student has their teacher’s full attention, they’re set up to thrive. Sessions should be orderly, and a smaller class helps prevent the chaotic classroom management issues that can arise in large groups. 

The best coding programs also tend to hire younger teachers with recent computer science or computer engineering experience who, like the students, grew up playing video games. 

Vital Programming Languages

The difference between general computer skills and knowing the specific coding languages employers expect job candidates to know can be massive. The best online coding classes teach a host various programming languages that industries use to build popular apps, websites, and computer games.

Look to your coding class to teach some or all of the following languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C# 
  • C++

Students should be able to grow their abilities within each language before advancing to the next one, giving students of all experience and skill levels an appropriate chance to develop. 

Years of Operation

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge shift in online learning as educators pivoted to accommodate students amid drastic circumstances. However, it’s better to learn from an institution that has operated for a couple of decades, not one that cropped up weeks or months ago. 

The leading online coding programs have run for over two decades and have developed their own proprietary curriculums and teaching methods. Find one of these programs, and your child will get a fuller learning experience. 

Picking the right computer program for your child can be daunting given the many options, especially for parents who don’t know how to code. Keep the above tips in mind when choosing an online programming course, and your child will have fun learning invaluable programming skills.

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