5 Technical Skills To Succeed As A Software Engineer In 2021

There are several technical skills to succeed as a software engineer in 2021. Typically, software engineers analyze users and business needs. Then, they work to develop, design, and maintain programs that meet those needs. Notably, engineering is a highly competitive job field in the tech industry. In addition, it is constantly changing. As an aspiring software engineer, you need to know the best technical skills to refine and put on your resume. This way, you can stand out on the job market as you look for a long-term career position. Read on to learn about the most important technical skills to succeed as a software engineer in 2021.  

Software Engineer

Computer Programming 

First, computer programming is a must-have technical skill for any software engineer. Typically, software engineers are fluent in at least one or two major coding languages. Often, these languages become their primary area of development expertise. For example, many software engineers can code projects in JavaScript or Python. Alternatively, you might be fluent in PHP, C++, or Ruby. Simultaneously, employers may look for programmers who can learn new coding languages as well. Thus, many programmers have a basic understanding of a variety of languages, with one or two as their specialty. If you are not yet proficient in these frameworks, learn new programming skills quickly. Definitely, computer programming is a fundamental technical skill for software engineers to build projects and applications.

Ability To Use Development Tools 

Next, software engineers should know how to use advanced tools and frameworks to develop their applications. Notably, most engineers use integrated development environments (IDEs) and code editors to get started building their software. In addition, many custom software development enterprises use a JFrog container registry to build, store, and manage Docker image files in their pipeline. With this tool, software teams can set up a Docker registry to manage their container images. Then, they can set up an automated Docker promotion pipeline. Under this configuration, your Docker images only go to the next level if they pass essential quality gates at each stage. This way, you can ensure images in your production systems are fully tried and tested. Certainly, familiarizing yourself with advanced tools is essential for software engineering success.

Database Management 

In addition, database management is another top technical skill to succeed as a software engineer this year. Since databases are widely used across the tech industry, you need to be familiar with fundamental concepts. For example, many employers are looking for professionals who understand normalization, table design, and SQL. Notably, there are many different databases you can familiarize yourself with. Commonly, software managers look for candidates who know Oracle, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. Whichever one you specialize in, you should know how to insert, update, and delete data. Of course, it is essential to know how to write queries to retrieve the information. Absolutely, database management is a must-have technical skill to succeed as a software engineer this year.


Moreover, many employers are looking for software engineers with strong documentation skills. According to recent data, maintenance can consume nearly 70% of the total lifecycle cost for a software project. Thus, managers want programs with high readability. Without formal documentation written within the code, software projects can quickly become difficult to maintain, extend, and modify. To document your code well, you should explain what a piece of code does, how it works, and how engineers can apply it. Ideally, you should write comments as though you were writing them to future teammates. This way, new programmers coming onto the team can understand your work and continue to use your projects for the long-term. 

Encryption & Cryptography 

Furthermore, encryption and cryptography are must-have technical skills for modern software engineers. Importantly, developers need to implement secure and encrypted keys to prevent attacks on web application data. Indeed, this software often contains sensitive user information. Thus, it needs an extra layer of protection to keep hackers from getting in. Ideally, engineers should be able to implement public and private key encryption algorithms that fit with the overall network security. In addition, you can use cryptography to develop a secure system and database. With these safeguards, you can safely transmit data over your network after processing client requests. There are several technical skills to succeed as a software engineer in 2021. First, computer programming is an essential foundational skill for any software engineer. Next, you should familiarize yourself with advanced tools to increase your marketability in the development field. In addition, employers are looking for engineers with strong database management abilities. Moreover, documentation is essential to ensure your programs are built to last. Furthermore, encryption and cryptography are critical for program security. Hone these technical skills to succeed as a software engineer in 2021.

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