How to Learn New Programming Skills Quickly

With the advent of new technology, it is now possible for anyone to learn to code without stepping outside of their home. All you need is a computer with internet access. However, not everyone gets it the first time they attempt to learn how to code. In this post, I have shared a few tips to help you speed up your journey.

Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Learn New Programming Skills Quickly

1) Allocate More Time for Improvement

When it comes to improving your programming skills; watching tutorials, reading blogs or even practicing code is not enough. You need to allocate more time for improvement. In this period, try to understand how programming really works. Also, get help from a friend or a co-worker and let them give you their honest feedback. Ideally, one hour each day should be enough time for self-reflection.

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2) Learn from Your Co-Workers or Classmates

It’s true that most programmers and other software professionals are asocial beings. It is rare to see a programmer who also likes to engage in activities that involve public speaking or taking social risks. 

Hence, for a programmer to speed up their pace of learning, it is key to get others involved as well. Observe your co-workers or classmates when they code. You will always learn a thing or two about the IDE shortcuts or some online resources that you currently are not aware of.

3) Take One Step at a Time

Learning more than one programming language at the same time can put a halt on your growth as a programmer. It is very rare to find two languages with similar syntax or usage. Most languages have their own unique features, syntax, drawbacks, etc. By trying to consume more than a human brain is capable of, you will end up feeling confused and distraught. Hence, take one step at a time. Give yourself enough time to learn one skill.

4) Make the Best of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a forum for programmers and software professionals who wish to share their knowledge or seek solutions to specific problems. By wasting more time than you should on a particular problem, you are needlessly slowing down your progress. 

Even expert programmers need external help from time to time. When you run into a tedious and time-consuming problem, it is always helpful to post your query on Stack Overflow or any other programming forum. You can expect an answer within minutes of posting your query. 

5) Participate in Code Reviews

Almost all tier1 and tier 2 software firms conduct code reviews. If you are lucky to be working in one of these firms, make sure you are not skipping the code reviews. What is the purpose of code reviews, you ask? 

Code review involves an examination of the code for improvement and optimization of a project. Usually, a panel of expert programmers perform this task but in some cases, even peers can chip in with contributions. 


From the above list, referring to StackOverflow and participating in code reviews are a must. If the company you work for does not engage in code reviews, make sure you have an unofficial group of programmers who congregate once in a fortnight to discuss and share their insights.

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