What Is Your Laptop Doing To Your Back…And Life?

Are you a laptop junkie? Chances are that you are since a good majority of us ditched our desktop years ago, but did you know that your laptop posture could be killing your back and severely impacting your life?

Laptop PostureThe problem with our current generation is the sheer amount of time that we spend sitting behind laptops. Whether we’re sitting at our desks (not THAT bad), sitting in front of the TV or laying in bed, we almost always have a laptop in hand. The problem with laptops being so portable is that now we don’t put the things down. Where before we didn’t have the option of dragging a PC tower to bed with us at night…except for, you know, the SERIOUS gamers, now we can’t go to bed without our trusty laptop by our side.

There are a multitude of problems that stem from our overuse of laptops, let’s take a look at just a few.

– We have become less mobile which is ironic really since laptops are intended to give us increased mobility…but now we just move to the couch or the bed and stagnate.

– Our posture is no longer regulated by an office chair…you know you’ve found yourself slowly sliding down the bed as you “work.”

–  We have become less sociable IRL…although this can also be contributed to just about every technology out there.

– We no longer sleep well – most likely due to that nagging need to complete the next level of Candy Crush that keeps us awake at night.

So give that laptop a rest guys and get outside!

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