What is the Difference Between Virtual Offices and Serviced Offices


It is important for a business to have a center of operations. In many cases, this is usually an office. Here, clients can get information on various elements such as the products or services that are on offer. They can also get professional assistance and customer care service in the office. Today, enterprise owners have the opportunity to pick between a serviced and a virtual office. The serviced premises is traditional in nature and provides a tangible location for office operations. However, the virtual office is digital in nature and exists on the Internet. However, it still fulfills all the requirements of an office space. This is by communicating crucial information to clients whenever required. Here are many more differences between the two office premises.

  • Duration

A serviced office can be rented for any length of time that you wish. You can rent it for a few days to a year depending on your professional requirements. This allows you to have a flexible schedule and budget for getting the office. On the other hand, a virtual office is normally provided on a subscription basis. This means that you can pick a specific length of time and pay for it entirely. These subscriptions can last for a few days to a few months at a time. While the serviced offices are flexible in terms of usage, virtual offices require extended commitment.

  • Protection and privacy

The serviced office provides protection while the virtual office provides privacy. When you have a serviced office, you can leave your items such as laptops, furniture, stationery and other professional implements within the establishment after the work day is completed. By locking them inside, you can protect your business assets. On the other hand, the virtual office is digital in nature. Therefore, nobody can arrive at it abruptly. Often used by home based businesses, virtual office services UK provide privacy because customers and stakeholders will not be visiting your home.

  • Site location

A services office is a physical establishment. This means that it occupies a physical location that your clients or investors can visit. It is tangible in nature. As such, it requires payment for maintenance through cleaning, (IT) infrastructure, rent and utility bills. On the other hand, a virtual office is a digital establishment. It does not require any tangible maintenance. Furthermore, your clients cannot walk into it. Despite this, the virtual office is accessible at anytime from anywhere through the Internet. It runs 24/7 and guarantees that your clients have access to your goods or services at all times.

Modern enterprise owners have the freedom to choose between a virtual and a serviced office. Each type has its own strengths and shortcomings. Furthermore, each suits a particular type of business. By understanding their differences, you can make a wise choice.

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