What is BIM Collaboration? The BIM Collaborative Process in Architecture Design

A 3-D model-based creative process, Building Information Modeling, helps architects, engineers, and construction professionals have a systematic and collaborative approach to design. BIM Collaboration is changing the AES industry every step of the way, from project conceptualization to completion.

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So What is BIM Collaboration? 

As the name suggests, BIM takes care of the aspects of Building, Information, and Modeling. But it’s now evolved to represent much more than that. BIM Collaboration can be seen as a framework, a new set of ideals and approaches to the building industries. 

In fact, BIM represents what’s next in terms of innovation for construction and building industries. It is impossible to talk of advancements in methodology without taking into consideration the role that BIM collaboration plays. 

While it can be a piece of software, adopting BIM for a long-term solution can include other aspects of projects as well — such as government collaboration. 

BIM connects Architecture, Engineer, and Construction professionals on a global level for more efficient design and building, as well as smooth operation. 

How it affects Construction Projects and Architectural Design

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Why is modeling so instrumental in the ideation process? Not only are these design-oriented 3D models, but also include data specificities and real-life physical implications. And if you’re wondering where the collaboration comes into play — the beauty of BIM is the facilities that it has for multiple collaborators to contribute to a single project over software that can entertain multi-disciplinary inputs for more robust development. No longer are the visuals and modeling the property of architecture alone — BIM gives more transparent access to multiple departments for better communication.

Realistic visualizations help communication in other aspects of the project as well, such as legislative approvals and securing buy-ins. It allows you to retain model intelligence from the concept of the project to the construction. It can also help you foresee construction issues and finetune aesthetic elements before the groundwork has even begun. You can enjoy greater cost predictability when using BIM. 

BIM Process

With the use of intelligent data, BIM improves the entire lifecycle of the project. We can easily split the BIM process into four major steps.

The Planning

BIM simplifies the planning process by incorporating real-life existing data plans and reality capture in order to generate models that are built with context. Visualization plays a key role in the planning process, as well as allowing clearer and well-defined inputs from collaborators. The 3-D modeling transforms the traditional planning process into a simplified and fleshed-out new-age take. 

The Design

In this phase of the BIM process, the conceptual design is carried out. There’s more room for multi-faceted analysis and detailing during this phase. BIM data helps the pre-construction process by sophisticated data calculations that provide realistic predictions of ground-reality logistical operations. 

The Building

It’s easy to relate information from architects to construction with BIM, as the project logistics are easily shared along with BIM specifications. Using BIM for projects has led to a marked decrease in project completion time, owing to clarity in collaboration. 

The Operation

BIM can also greatly benefit property owners as it provides them realistic predictions for maintenance and upkeep charges along with future plans for renovation or even deconstruction costs. 

What’s next for BIM? 

With greater cloud connectivity, we can expect BIM to enjoy more advanced technologies like Virtual Reality, Laser Scanning, and Augmented Reality. BIM transforms the AEC industries along with global trends in a 360° approach during the entire lifecycle of the project.

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