What Does LKR Mean In Texting?

The world we live in today is constantly changing at super fast speeds. Texting has already become the standard form of communication because who has the time for long calls or emails these days? A simple text will do the same job quickly and efficiently. 

As is with all most other trends, trends in texting come and go, which makes them fun but also a bit tricky to keep up with at times. A long string of laughing emojis can be easily substituted with “LOL”, or a question like “where are you?” can be shortened to “wya?” (where you at?) especially when one is in a pinch for time. 

What this has resulted in is new trends in or the evolution of language itself. Words and abbreviations popularized by texting, which did not exist before the digital age are now the normal way of speaking. One such abbreviation you might have noticed  is “LKR” and simple Google search might have yielded you contradictory information. In this article, we’re here to help you understand the meaning and relevance of “LKR” in texting. 

Understanding Texting Abbreviations 

Over the past couple of years, abbreviations have taken over the internet. You find them on every social media from LinkedIn to Reddit. Some may view as laziness, some call it being more efficient. 

To quote Kevin Malone from “The Office”, “Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?” Abbreviations save time by shortening common high frequency phrases like “oh my God” (OMG), “Laugh out loud” (LOL), and “be right back” (BRB). 

Hate it or love it, abbreviations are here to stay (at least for a long time), so if you want to stay on the internet and be a part of any online community, you will need to educate yourself on text slang and abbreviations such as the above examples. To help you understand, we have provided examples of the contexts in which the aforementioned abbreviations are typically used. 

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OMG – Oh My God

Chances are, you already know of this one, as it is one of the very first text abbreviations ever used. OMG is typically used to express surprise and happiness in texting. It could look something like this:

“OMG, that puppy was so cute!”

“OMG! I can’t believe she would do that.”

“Arctic Monkeys are touring again, OMG!” 

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

Perhaps one of the most commonly used abbreviations, LOL is so widespread that it has transcended the texting sphere to actually appearing on merchandise. LOL is used to signify laughter. So, if someone texts you LOL, it means that they have found something funny. 

“Did you see that cat video I sent you? It was so funny LOL.”

“He accidentally called the teacher ‘mom’, LOL.”

“LOL, I can’t stop laughing at the joke.” 

BRB – Be Right Back

BRB is one of those handy abbreviations for when you are in a rush. It simply means that the person has to temporarily stop texting you but will be back soon. So, it’s a quick way of saying “wait, I’ll be back in a second”. 

“I think I left the stove on, let me check. BRB.”

“He needs my help, BRB.”

“BRB, I’ve got to run to the store.”

Exploring The Meaning Of LKR

Now, let’s get right into the question “what is LKR and what does it mean on text?” The straightforward answer is that LKR is a common misspelling of IKR, which means “I know, right?”

IKR or “I know, right?” is a rhetorical question which is generally used to agree with someone or something. So, if someone texts you “IKR”, it means that they are in agreement or support of your view. 

“IKR” is a very useful and versatile abbreviation which can be used in a wide range of contexts. It could be used to express a number of emotions like excitement, happiness, surprise, wonder, anger, and indignation. 

Here are some examples to contextualize the uses of IKR:

“I’m so broke, LOL” “IKR, same”

“What he said was uncalled for” “IKR! That was so rude.”

“The weather is so beautiful right now” “IKR, it makes me so happy!”

The Multiple Meanings Of LKR

Now that we’ve seen that LKR is a common misspelling of IKR, let’s explore what it could mean in other contexts as  LKR is not just a meaningles misnomer. 

LKR is the standard abbreviation for the Sri Lankan Rupee, the official currency of Sri Lanka. 

What led to all this confusion? You might wonder. Well, it all has to do with the fact that lowercase “l” looks very similar to lowercase and uppercase “i” on text. 

“i”, “I”, “l” – see? So it’s actually easier than you think to get confused with all this. 

If you find LKR on official documents like newspapers and finance magazines, it most certainly points to the Sri Lankan Rupee, and not “I know, right?” 

This could look like: “LKR climbed as much as 1.3% to 359.52 per dollar on Tuesday.”

On the other hand, LKR could just be LKR on text, if the topic is Sri Lankan currency, or if you frequently text your friends about international economics.

“Did you hear that LKR gained 0.5% to trade at 250.8 per dollar?” 

“I need to cash my USD into LKR for my vacation in Colombo” 

In addition to this, LKR could also be a shortened form of the word “locker”, or it could point to LKR (Little Kids Rock) which is a musical charity. 

Similar Texting Abbreviations

In addition to “IKR” and “LKR”, there are many other fun abbreviations which exist in texting language. Here are a few trending ones just for your reference.

  1. BTW – By The Way
  2. IMO – In My Opinion
  3. JK – Just Kidding
  4. WYA – Where You At?
  5. ETA – Estimated Time Of Arrival
  6. WBY – What About You?
  7. DM – Direct Message
  8. IDK – I Don’t Know
  9. IRL – In Real Life
  10. TBH – To Be Honest
  11. RN – Right Now
  12. LMK – Let Me Know
  13. AFAIK – As Far As I Know
  14. IG – I Guess (could also allude to Instagram)
  15. NBD – No Big Deal
  16. NP – No Problem 
  17. TL;DR – Too Long, Didn’t Read
  18. NVM – Nevermind
  19. TMI – Too Much Information
  20. NGL – Not Gonna Lie

And these are just 20 of the abbreviations on the never-ending, ever-expanding list of texting slang. You won’t find any abbreviations which mean exactly the same as “IKR” but this list will definitely help avoid confusion during texting.  

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Final Thoughts

While LKR does have specific meanings to it, context matters. If someone texts the same to you in a context where Sri Lankan currency is irrelevant, they most certainly meant to say “IKR”. So, context is key. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll get used to text slang and abbreviations very quickly and also have a lot of fun using them while texting your friends and family!

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