What Do 5k Subscribers Mean on Snapchat?


You are mistaken if you thought Snapchat was only for creating and maintaining Streaks. Like other social media platforms, even Snapchat has the concept of “subscribers” if you have a public profile.

When you cross 5K subscribers on Snapchat, there are certain exclusive features that you get to make the most out of. The standout feature is keeping track of your subscriber count, which isn’t available to users with less than 5K subscribers.

This article will explore everything you need to have or acquire 5K subscribers on Snapchat.

What Does It Mean by 5k Subscribers on Snapchat? [Quick Answer]

If you notice someone with 5K subscribers mentioned by their profile, the Snapchat user has a public profile on the platform with over 5K subscribers. When you cross the 5,000 subscribers mark, you get access to Snapchat’s exclusive subscriber count.

The users with less than 5K subscribers also have “<5K” mentioned on their profile but don’t have access to any exclusive perks.

How to Get 5K Subscribers on Snapchat?

Having over 5K subscribers on Snapchat seems like a fun experience, right? But how do you achieve that? How do you acquire so many subscribers on this platform?

If you are new or having a hard time creating a steady following on Snapchat, there are some tips we have to share. But first, ensure that your Snapchat account is set to public. If you want to avail the perks, you have to keep the account public.

Following are the tips you can follow to acquire more subscribers on Snapchat:

1. Create Engaging Stories on Snapchat

Snapchat is a visual app, meaning most of your audience is here for a visual treat with your images and videos.

To get a recurring audience and create a loyal fanbase, you have to start with Snapchat Stories. Instead of posting the mundane things in your life, spice things up. Post unique stories that retain the attention of your audience.

Also, when creating Snapchat Stories, try to maintain cohesiveness. You can only build a loyal fanbase if your Snapchat account is niche-specific. Instead of trying to do many things simultaneously, focus on doing one thing at a time.

2. Leveraging Other Social Media Platforms for Cross-Promotion

Omnichannel marketing is never going to go out of style. So, if you want to attract an audience from all your socials, you need to promote it across all your socials too.

For example, if you have shared a Snapchat Story on your public account in the morning, share the story and the link to it in your Instagram stories at night. This allows you to gain a fresh audience from your Instagram to your Snapchat.

Cross-promotion helps you improve your clicks on your Snapchat account and, in turn, improve your subscriber count on the platform.

3. Leverage the Power of Ads

Lastly, you might have to shell out a few bucks out of your pocket. There’s nothing wrong with organic growth and marketing. But, sometimes, you need to leverage the power of ads to spread your content to the target audience.

Snapchat Ads feature a great way to get better exposure, and the more people engage with your content, the better your chances of growth.

Also, when spending on Snapchat Ads, you get to choose the target audience to which you want the content to be exposed, which is a pretty unique feature.

How To Check Your Snapchat Subscription Number?

If you want to avail the perks with 5K subscribers on Snapchat, you must keep track of your current subscriber count.

You must go out of your way to keep track of your Snapchat subscription number. There are some direct and indirect methods we have sorted out in this section.

Method #1: View the Subscriber Count on Your Public Profile

If you have a public Snapchat account, you can keep track of your subscriber count directly from your profile. We’d recommend you navigate to your “Bitmoji” and tap on it.

This will redirect you to your Snapchat profile. Under that, you can change different Settings of your profile. If you meet the required eligibility criteria on your Snapchat account, you should find an option called “Show Subscriber Count” under “Edit profile.”

Enabling the feature should give you a rundown of the subscription amount and other details surrounding it.

Method #2: Manually Count the Number of People That Follow You

If you don’t have a lot of subscribers, your next best option is to do a bit of hard work. For this, you’d have to go to your Snapchat profile, open your subscriber or friend list, and start counting.

We won’t recommend this if you have subscribers in the thousands. It is tiring and confusing as well. It becomes monotonous pretty quickly.

Method #3: Share a Story and Check Viewer Statistics

Sometimes, when assessing Snapchat viewers and subscribers, you might come across a term called “Other Snapchatters.” This denotes the people who have viewed your stories but haven’t subscribed.

Although not an accurate representation of your Snapchat subscription, it gives you a good rundown of the number of people subscribed to your Snapchat account. Again, you need to understand that it won’t give you an accurate number but an estimate of your subscribers.

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How To Get More Subscribers on Snapchat Public Profile?

You have started using Snapchat seriously, and your target is to achieve the 5K subscriber mark on the platform. How do you do it? This is a fairly common question that most Snapchat users have.

Following are some tips that work like magic, provided you follow them religiously.

1. Create Viral Content

Snapchat is known for its ephemeral content, meaning everything you post is gone within 24 hours. So, retaining the viewers’ attention on such a platform can be challenging.

What you’d need to do is create viral content. Now, the question is, “How do you create viral content?”

This is where you need to put your research skills to the test. Check out what kind of trends are happening on the internet. Check out what kind of content people are inclining more towards. Take your time to plan your content before you start posting.

2. Provide Snapchat Giveaway

People love free stuff. So, if you are in a position to give away free stuff, we’d recommend that you do so without any questions.

It might get you a momentary boost to your Snapchat subscribers, but post content that engages your audience during that time too. This way, people who subscribed to you for the giveaway won’t end up unsubscribing later.

3. Collab with People who have Huge Followers

If you don’t have a lot of followers on Snapchat but want to grow, collaborations are a great technique. However, collaborating with big creators isn’t easy. They might not have time, or they might not want to collaborate with smaller creators.

This is where you need to have an interesting pitch. Reach out to them, praise their work, and express your wish to work with them. Once you share screen space with them, it might reflect well on your subscriber count.

4. Share Snapcode

Manual marketing techniques are always going to stay. If you want to grow your Snapchat, share the Snapcode on your other socials.

Cross-promoting allows you to redirect your target audience to your other socials and boost the follower count.


Snapchat is quite an underdog social media platform at the moment. While most people focus on Instagram and Twitter, it won’t be long until Snapchat grows exponentially. Now is your time to make the most out of things. So, what are you waiting for? These tips should help boost your account to 5K subscribers.

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