What are the Benefits of Buying Pay as You Drive Car Insurance?

Buying a car means that getting car insurance is mandatory. It’s quintessential for you to be able to drive on the road. But what happens when you aren’t a frequent driver? Do you still want to pay the hefty car insurance premiums?

If you own one of those cars used less than 50 miles a day, you will benefit from the “pay as you drive” car insurance. They are highly significant and charge your car insurance premiums based on how much you drive.

So, if you are an occasional driver, you will reap amazing benefits. Still confused? This article will explore some of the top reasons you should opt for this model of car insurance.

1. Lower Car Insurance Premiums

If you are driving your car for less than 20-30 miles each day, paying an unnecessary amount in insurance premiums is no point. If your car isn’t on the road often, the chances of accidents and liability of the insurance company are quite less. So, it isn’t surprising that the biggest benefit of “pay as you drive” car insurance is cheaper yearly premiums.

2. Customized Coverage

As human beings, we love customizations, right? What’s great about this type of car insurance is the flexibility you get when choosing the elements, you want to put under your car insurance coverage. This means that besides the main factors like third-party and self-coverage, you also get to cover add-ons like zero depreciation cover, assistance cover, etc. Additionally, if you extend your kilometer coverage slab, you always have the option to expand.

3. Installation of Telematics Device (for free)

Who doesn’t love free items, right? The pay-as-you-drive car insurance models rely on the installed telematics device. So, while this telematics device is helping the insurance provider track your kilometers on the road, it also checks the car’s health. So, if something is wrong with your car, be assured that you’d be the first to know about it. The best part is that the insurance provider installs the device for free.

4. Third-Party Coverage without Fail

When you are on the road, having third-party coverage is quintessential. You can’t do without it at all. Once you buy the car and purchase the insurance, the third-party coverage immediately gets activated. Even if you don’t plan to renew the slab balance after one year, your third-party coverage will remain active, even if you lose your self-protective coverage.

5. Integrated Floater Coverage

If you own multiple cars, you can gain amazing benefits with floater coverage under the pay-as-you-drive insurance model. Under this, you can insure all your cars under a single-car insurance policy. This is hands down one of the better and more affordable options you can consider buying if you own multiple cars.


Pay-as-you-drive is a very enticing model of car insurance, but it isn’t for everyone. If you are confused about which insurance to pick, we’d recommend discussing this in detail with your insurance provider before signing the documents.

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