3 Key Benefits E-Bike Users Can Enjoy

With ever-increasing gas prices and the growing concern for the environment, it is understandable that we constantly look for environmentally friendly and money-saving alternatives to the things we use daily. On a massive scale, designs and concepts that could help save the environment are often presented. On the other hand, 85% of consumers around the world have also shifted to a more eco-conscious mindset when making purchases. One simple way to protect the environment is to use an e-bike for your daily commute. Here are a few reasons why you should get an e-bike. 

Easy on the Pocket

One of the clearest advantages of e-bikes over cars is that they are way cheaper, not only when it comes to upfront costs, but also when it comes to daily upkeep. Purchasing an e-bike would cost you around $750 to $14,000, and while that might seem like a hefty amount, that is barely half the price of a car, which can set you back around $50,000. As for daily upkeep, when you try to compute your electric bike power consumption, you’ll also find that you spend less money on electricity when compared to the amount you shell out when you refuel your car.

A Healthier Commute

Aside from being easier on the pocket, e-bikes make for a healthier commute. Cycling is a moderate exercise that can boost your immune system, and studies show that cycling to work daily can cut your risk for heart disease and cancer by 40%. Moreover, with the pedal assist feature, e-bikes are also easier on the joints, which makes them ideal even for elderly people. Aside from these physical benefits, using e-bikes for your daily commute also has significant benefits on your mental health, seeing as cycling in a natural or urban environment can also improve your cognitive function.

No Traffic, No Problem

Interestingly, another key advantage of e-bikes over cars is that they can take you to your destination faster. Major cities across the US have dedicated bike lanes that could keep you safe from cars as you commute using your bike. Cities like Austin, Denver, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Providence, for example, have partnered with the non-profit City Thread and had 335 miles of new bike lanes built. Using bike lanes during your commute allows you to travel safely while avoiding traffic.

These are only a few benefits that you can enjoy when you switch to e-bikes for your daily commute. Aside from these, there is also the obvious advantage of cutting your carbon footprint. These advantages clearly show that switching to e-bikes is a reasonable step to take.

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