Ways To Keep Kids Happy, Content And Entertained In The Summer

All children are excited to see the school year come to an end. Of course, parents are feeling a little apprehensive about this time, because they know their focus will have to be on keeping the kids content and entertained. There are many things that you can do to prepare for summer vacation, but one thing is for sure you will need to be creative and patient. Most children are very easy to please and hopefully your offspring fall within this category. If not, you are going to have more difficulty trying to find summertime activities to satisfy their needs.


The most of the summer is hot and humid, making it extremely difficult for children to play outdoors in the middle of the day. Regardless, if you have a blow-up pool or an in-ground pool, your children will enjoy frolicking in the cool waters. If you do not have access to a swimming pool, you should consider utilizing a sprinkler device to keep the kids cool. This device just hooks up to a garden hose and allows the water to spray out in a rotating manner. These are extremely affordable and available at big box and retail stores.

Movie Time

Most cinemas and theaters are open about 12 hours a day or longer. When you children are ready to settle down and relax, you may want to take them to see a new release. You can buy a bag of popcorn and fruit juice and watch them enjoy. Movie time can be transformed into a family night for the entire family or you can invite the neighborhood children to join in on the fun.

Being creative could mean setting up a movie screen and projector in your back yard. Make some lemonade and cookie and invite the entire neighborhood over to watch some 123movies. Your children will definitely appreciate your creativity and your neighbors will be grateful.

Reading Activities

While your children are enjoying their summer vacation, they should also be taking time to stay on top of their reading skills. Reading may sound a little boring to a child, but there are ways to make it exciting and entertaining. Many public libraries offer reading classes and activities during the summer months to the community. Your children can participate in these free activities or create your own.

You can act out some parts of the book, use movements and change your voice to make the reading activities more fun. Your children can also take turns pretending to be characters in the book. You can even make them handcrafted costumes and create an awesome reading area, with lamps, posters, rugs and beanbags.

Play Twister

If you are familiar with twister, you should introduce the game to your children. However, instead of playing with the traditional twister mat, you should consider drawing out the circles in the grass. You can utilize spray paint to create the circles in the grass, so your children can continue playing it until summer comes to an end.

Create Art

Children enjoy creating little things and giving them to their grandparents and friends. You can help your children create art for things they find in nature, including rocks, leaves, branches, pinecones, flowers, bug carcasses and grass. Buy some glue, water paint and paintbrushes, so your children can turn the things they find into a work of art.

Catch FirefliesĀ 

You probably enjoyed catching fireflies and putting them in a jar, when you were a child. Well, you children will also enjoy the activity. During the summer months, fireflies are typically out each night at the edge of dark. Get a couple of canning jars and lids for this activity, but punch holes in the lid before you put the fireflies inside. You definitely do not want the lightning bugs to die from lack of fresh air.

Bake Cupcakes Or Cookies

Summer is the perfect time for parents to let their hair down. Since you do not have to worry so much about being pressed for time, you can let your children prepare a cake, cupcakes, cookies or brownies. Making a mess will just be part of it and your children will have the time of their life. To make the project even more exciting, you can invest in an apron and chef hat for each of your children.

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