Valuable Online Skills for International Students in U.S. Universities

A growing number of students are exploring the world today while still young. These adventurous youngsters have all the opportunity to study in a foreign country, meet the locals as well as other nationals and learn about different cultures.


The U.S. is one of the top destinations these days of college and post-graduate students seeking more challenges in pursuit of their chosen degree. According to the Institute of International Education, there were more than 974,000 international students in the U.S. for the years 2014-2015. The Chinese made up the largest group at 304,040 or 31.2 percent followed by the Indians at 13.6 percent and the South Koreans at 6.5 percent.

Apart from their positive attitude towards pursuing their studies in a foreign nation, these students also need to embrace technology and arm themselves with the right internet skills to help them achieve their goals.


Whether you’re a college or post graduate student, it is a must to know how to do research. Keep in mind that some of the most common requirements in colleges and universities are to come up with essays and research papers as well as making your thesis. Google should be your ally in researching for information related to your assignments.


Knowing how to communicate properly online is as vital. This is particularly important to students enrolled in distance learning or online courses offered by educational institutions based in the U.S. But thanks to software applications, people pursuing the degree they desire can accomplish their assignments faster and easier. They are also a big help in PhD thesis and other papers you may be required to submit.

The free email services such as Yahoo! and Gmail are very useful for online communication while Google Drive and similar cloud services are best for sharing documents. In addition, Hangouts and Skype are recommended for voice calls and video chats.

International students in the U.S. must also brush up on their English skills. For this purpose, the Elevate app can help in terms of reading, listening, speaking and writing English. This brain-training tool is very entertaining and offers a daily practice schedule and results for users. The Siri feature of iPhone is another online tool that can help improve your English skills through conversations with Siri.

Data Storage

Another must-do for students is to keep their valuable data safe at all times. Online, they can store all the information they need via a cloud server.

Dropbox is one efficient tool that helps users automatically sync their files online, in their computer and other mobile devices. This tool offers up to 2GB of storage for the free plan and up to a maximum of 100GB for the paid plans.

For those looking for a reliable online tool to keep their passwords, 1Password and LastPass are ideal to use. They are password managers that can generate secure passwords and store all your passwords safely.

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