Warhawk flying away? Looks like it

warhawkRemember Warhawk and those sweet looking video samples? Well, those oh so nice promises might never come to fruit. The website called Rumor Reporter has said that Icognito’s Warhak has been cancelled and will be released just as a download on the Playstation Store. So do you want a direct quote of what’s going on? Apparently there is “infighting and [a] lack of clear direction”. Basically, it sounds like they can’t decide whether it should be a ground or air game (I remember that not being too clear with the demos). There wasn’t too much in the way of storyline either. This is a very sad story that has arisen. Warhawk was supposed to be the premeire game that showed off what the Sixaxis could do in terms of motion controls. With more and more games being cancelled for both the PS3 and Wii (more PS3 than Wii), we can only hope that these landmark games will have better support from the developers. — Nik Gomez

Warhawk canned, to become PS3 download [Joystiq]

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