Walmart is Cheating — Will Drop 3DS Price Early

You’ve probably already heard about Nintendo’s decision to slash $70 off of the price of the 3DS on August 12th — a decision that has many existing 3DS owners fuming. Nintendo has tried to pacify 3DS owners by making them part of the “Ambassador” program — which entitles them to free games. People who purchase a 3DS at the more expensive price of $249.99 will also be given a chance to take part in the program, and have access to exclusive games that won’t be available for purchase.

However, Walmart had decided that they’re going to cheat. Essentially, they’re dropping the price of the 3DS on August 9th, three days before Nintendo is officially dropping their price. So, you could pay only $169 for a 3DS, AND have access to all of the free games offered by the Ambassador program.

Act fast — Walmart’s promotion starts tomorrow.


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