Walking Through Minecraft In VR


If you are a regular Minecraft player, you know that the single feature which defines the game and makes it into one that can easily compete with the next-gen graphics of today is the procedural universe it is set in. Every map that you have ever created is unique to all the others, and there have always been infinite options when it comes to exploration. However, the one constraint until now has been that it is always seen on a flat computer screen or monitor.

Soon To Be Compatible With VR Devices

Soon though, Minecraft games will become compatible with the Gear VR and with the all new treadmill, the Virtuix Omni VR. This basically means that you will be able to walk through the whole world that you create, and actually FEEL like you are walking through it.

Of course, Minecraft has been available on most VR platforms using mods from third party creators for a while. However, the official, updated version of the game can only be run in VR when used with the Gear. There isn’t even a need for a headset connected to the PC running the game. Everything is a free-standing experience.

No Wires Means a More Immersive Experience

Now, the fact that the game can be “streamed” to a VR headset means that devices like the Virtuix Omni VR treadmill no longer runs the risk of tangled up wires that seem to get everywhere. All of the VR devices from Microsoft can support the game through a Bluetooth gamepad emulation. This means that the Omni treadmill shows up on the Gear VR headset as an actual gamepad.

Using the Omni in conjunction with the Gear results in an experience that will have you lost for words. There are worlds out there that you have never seen before. The sheer beauty of the infinite worlds of Minecraft, coupled with actually running from the spiders in Survival mode, leads to a high risk of getting lost in the world you have created.

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