Visual Proof That Wikipedia is Kind of Large

Wikipedia is big. Comically big. So large that it puts the actual Encyclopedia Brittanica to shame, though I would reckon that the Encyclopedia would have more accurate information. Regardless, you may have found yourself wondering just big Wikipedia would be if it were ever put to print.

The answer?

That is five thousand pages. The more frightening part? That only covers 437 articles. The last 437 featured articles, to be precise. According to the sociopath who printed out these articles, Rob Matthews, the featured articles represent the very best that Wikipedia has to offer:

These articles are deemed the best articles in Wikipedia, and are determined so based on their quality of referencing, accuracy, neutrality, completeness and style.

Matthews intends to sell the giant book at some point, which begs the question: would you buy it? I admit, if I had the disposable income I would consider it if for no other reason than the fact that it would amuse me greatly.

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