Different Ways to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram story… How much sense is there in these two words… For some people – the sense of their whole lives. It is funny to observe how the spotlight of modern society switches to online, with Instagram stories on top of shared content.

Although story posters do what they want – present themselves and their lifestyles to the public, people who view stories are actually deprived of their right to do this anonymously, and their profile icon will appear in the bottom-left corner of the story after viewing. Basically, this breaks the whole internet concept of anonymity. The ability to view Instagram story anonymously is a fundamental right of every user of this social media network, and, unfortunately, people are literally forced to use third-party services to benefit from this right. But we have what we have.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Here, we get to the main point. Humanity always finds a solution to everything, and the issue discussed above is no exception. Different ways to view Instagram stories anonymously were invented, so you only need to choose one that fits you best.

Third-Party Instagram Story Viewer Apps

One of the options available is using a third-party app that will hide your identity and allow you to view Instagram anonymously. 

Glassagram – The Best Private Instagram Viewer

Glassagram is one of the top-rated services for anonymous story viewing. Most users state that its main advantage is that there is no need to install it anywhere, and basically, it does not work with someone’s device, like many other phone trackers. Glassagram provides you with access to stories posted by private and public users in real-time in an online format. Now, let’s check how it works.

To view a story posted by any other Instagram user, you must follow a very simple guide that does not include any difficult steps.

  1. Register with the service. It should be obvious, as nowadays you are requested to register with every service you want to use. 
  2. Purchase the subscription. The subscription model became a standard for most modern services, so Glassagram developers decided not to invent the wheel and simply followed the trend. There is a free trial, though, so if you are not sure if you will use the service – you can try it for 24 hours without paying anything. This feature can be activated via the support agent.
  3. Use the page link or nickname. After you log into your Glassagram profile, you only need to paste the link for the page you want to view or its name in the search field.
  4. Proceed. The service needs some time to proceed with the request, and you will access stories posted by the chosen user as soon as the access is obtained.

It is worth mentioning that Glassagram also allows you to save stories in your account and download them. As for the first option, the saved content will be stored in your account for up to 3 months. When you download a story or any other content to your gadget – the original quality will be kept.

Glassagram is a 100% anonymous Instagram story viewer. This means you are not required to provide your name or personal Insta account at any stage when getting access to someone’s stories. So far, there have been no known instances when the person who posted the stories noticed the ghostly presence of the third party. 

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xMobi – Reliable Instagram Story Viewer for Android and iOS

If you want to view Instagram story anonymously and not using a web-based service, xMobi, aka InstaHack, is a good option. Unlike Glassagram, it is an application that has to be installed on the device you want to track. It sticks to the device and shares all its activity with you. However, the difference with Glassagram lies in the fact that you cannot get access to any random page. Instead, you follow all the actions of a single device, yet the range is much broader:

  • Instagram stories, direct messages, likes, comments
  • call logs
  • location
  • camera snapshots
  • live streaming
  • social media activities (Facebook, YouTube, Snapshat)
  • browser history

Note that the device tracked can be unlinked and another one linked again within 1 subscription. xMobi works with Android and iOS, but the principle is slightly different. When it is synced with an iPhone, you can use the Insta page opened on the device as if it is your own and watch Instagram stories anonymously, covered by another name, write DMs, block followers, etc. As for mobile phones that run Android, you do not have direct access to the page; instead, you get screenshots of Insta activity. In other words, to view someone’s stories anonymously, you must wait until the device owner visits the required page and opens the story you want to see.

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uMobix – Instagram Viewer to Track Direct Messages and Much More

uMobix is a true titan among top phone tracking applications. It has dozens of monitoring features, and IG story viewing is one of them. After you install it on another device, go to the online dashboard and view the required information there. It works with both iOS and Android, and as for the former one, it can even be installed remotely via iCloud. When it comes to the latter, only manual installation is possible, but it is fast and simple, accompanied by detailed guidelines.

uMobix offers its clients 3 payment plans: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. As you may guess, the yearly one is the cheapest – $12.49 per 1 month, while if you decide to use it for the shortest period – the price will be $49.99. And, like Glassagram, uMobix offers a trial to everyone who is thinking about purchasing it. After registration, you can contact the support and ask them for a 24-hour free version. In such a way, you are free to view Instagram stories anonymously with uMobix and decide whether it is what you need. 

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Free Methods to View Instagram Stories

There are free methods to view Instagram story anonymously, which are not as reliable as Glassagram or uMobix but are still effective in most cases.

Register a Fake Page

It is possible to register a page under another name and use it to view IG stories anonymously and follow private accounts. Instagram security protocols are more strict for those who start a business page, so if you just create a personal one, there is a chance that you will not be requested to submit your ID (very high, to be honest). 

Thus, you can create a fake page, find a user you need, and view their stories without any issues. Of course, they will be notified that someone called John Doe (or whatever name you choose) observes their content, but who cares? The main point is that they will not know it is you.

Ask Your Friend for Help

Another thing you can do to view Instagram story anonymously is to ask your friend to help you. They can find what you need from their page, take a screenshot or do the screen recording, and then send the file to you. This method is the most fussless and only depends on whether your friend agrees to help.

Airplane Mode

Another method requires turning off your Internet temporarily/enabling Airplane mode. It is necessary to open the Instagram app, open the needed profile, wait till the story is loaded, disconnect your Internet connection, and view the story. Voila! After that, do not forget to close Instagram completely, and only then enable the Internet.


This crafty way requires you to open the preceding story/the “next door” story and half swipe – press on it and hold, but do not let it go and then return it to the initial position. This will let you sneak a peek at the story anonymously.

Why Do People Post Stories?

Now, when you know the tools you can use to view Instagram stories anonymously, let’s actually dive deeper, get behind the curtains, and find out why people post stories. What is behind the desire to send short videos of your everyday activities and thoughts to a social network? It is all pretty simple: socialization and communication. Many people, especially those of older age, keep repeating that when they were young, they spent a lot of time hanging out with their friends, and now youth are glued to the screens. 

However, the communication the oldies were talking about did not disappear at all. It went through transformation and moved to online – chats, comments, and stories. Young people realize that the Internet allows them to ignore distance, time zones, and even the need to know each other personally. Chats became an analog of simple communication with each other on different topics and stories – allowing young people to tell the world about themselves, their personalities, and tastes. It is important to understand, though, that face-to-face communication did not disappear; it was complemented by online communication.

However, several questions arose that had never been officially claimed by anyone but were still coming to the minds of those spending a lot of time on the Internet.

  1. Why should I see all that content posted by people I do not know?
  2. I want to be anonymous on the Internet, and nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult.

True, most social media request people now to use their real names and data, and sometimes even require them to send pictures of their legal IDs. Nowadays, you cannot chat anonymously with another stranger – names will be displayed, and if you view a story – it will be recorded by the system and viewed to the poster. Methods described above were invented and developed as a solution for this issue.


If you want to view Instagram story anonymously – you are lucky, as there are lots of different methods. You can either use a third-party service or app with a free trial or stick to some free options we discussed that do not include purchasing anything. The thing that unites all these methods is that you are guaranteed to stay anonymous while viewing stories posted by any public or private account.


Can I view Instagram stories without an account?

There is nothing easier than answering how to view Instagram stories without an account because there are many ways to do so! The Glassagram private viewer allows you to check any page without even logging in to Insta or installing anything. uMobix and xMobi provide you with full access to the target page. Alternatively, you may ask your friend to help using their page!

Can I use Glassagram for free?

Yes, you definitely can! Glassagram has a 1-day free trial claimed from the support agent. After it expires, you must decide whether you are ready to pay for it. Or register another account (shhh, it’s  a secret!)

Do I need to be registered with Instagram myself to use Glassagram?

No, you do not need to have a page or provide its credentials. Glassagram does not work with your data in any way, it even does not need your first and last name. You can be sure that while using Glassagram, you are completely anonymous!

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