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UnoTelly also referred to as UnoDNS is a DNS based system that allows you to view content from libraries such as Netflix that are blocked in certain areas. Unlike other VPN services, UnoTelly is very fast because it does not use third parties to connect you to the website you want to stream. The good thing about it is that, it can be used on any device that supports DNS tweaks unlike most VPNs that are only available on PCs.

How it works: In order to get UnoTelly working, you are required to change your machine’s DNS server IP address. This allows the DNS lookup to be routed from the main server located in United States. This works well and you are connected to the sites you want to access.

Supported devices: UnoDNS works well on any device that supports DNS tweaks. These devices include; Mac, PC, iPhone, Smart TV’s, iPad, Apple TV, androids and playbook. Additionally, you can set it up to your router and use it on all your devices that are connected to the router.

Supported channels: UnoTelly supports more than 70 channels that are blocked worldwide. They include; Pandora, Amazon, Zattoo, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu+ among others. It also allows you to choose between regions. For instance, if you are using Netflix, you can watch Brazilian, US, UK, Mexican, Canadian and Irish in the same account.



As stated above, it supports all the possible mobile devices, computers, routers and home theatre setups. This allows the user to enjoy a flawless performance and access to their desired content despite the device they are using.


This is its strongest feature. You will never have to experience speed drops when using UnoTelly. This is because, it uses radical algorithms that launch high-speed direct connections to all the supported websites.

Triple safe service

Its triple safe feature protects your privacy through blocking unwanted spam. It eliminates all ad pages, replacing spam and DNS poisoning. This not only ensures safe browsing but also, a smooth internet connection.


UnoCloud is a leading cloud networking infrastructure that offers the most powerful and fastest entertainment. It powers all the products offered by UnoTelly thus ensuring fast and reliable access to global scale. In spite of your location and device, you are guaranteed maximum reliability, fail proof redundancy and reliability.


It has a FamilyShare feature that allows multiple logins across multiple devices. This ensures that every member of the family enjoys their favorite content.

Two user services

UnoTelly features two user services; SmartDNS service and SmatVPN service. SmartDNS service allows you to change your domain name service before routing content through the main server while the SmartVPN service allows you to dial into a specific location.


UnoTelly is great investment for people who are interested in watching Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and over 70 other restricted channels from any location in the world and device of their choice. Moreover, it is a product that can entertain the entire family.

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