Ubisoft’s New Simulation Lets You Play God

Alright, so this year has been particularly crappy in terms of natural disasters. Earthquakes in Japan, tornadoes in the southern US, hurricanes in the gulf — and we’ve still got five more months to go. Starting to feel like Mother Nature is winning? Take out your frustrations by playing god in Ubisoft’s latest simulation game.

“From Dust” isn’t overly impressive at first. You start off by transferring elements (Read: Dirt) from place to place in order to help guide your villagers through the landscape. Eventually, you want to build villages at certain totems, which will grant you your supernatural powers to control the environment.

Words really don’t do this game justice. Though environmental simulation games are nothing new (Sim Life, Sim Earth, etc), “From Dust” presents the interesting, intriguing concept of combining this genre with detailed problem-solving.

For an Xbox Live Arcade game (which is now available on PC), this title definitely seems to be worthy of attention.


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