Trends In Android Application Development In 2024

Android outperforms all other operating systems when it concerns app creation. Android controls seventy-three percent (73%) of the market share, according to Statista. As a result, building an application for the Android platform should come first. Some operating systems, on the other hand, are also crucial. Since amid Covid-19 large number of consumer behaviors and buying patterns have changed towards grocery stores, medical and grocery applications will become hype in 2020.

It is vital to evaluate the trends whenever you intend to hire services for android application development. This should guarantee that your software stands out from the crowd and meets consumer expectations. Though app trends may not last long but still for one year or two the demand for such applications rise. Therefore, let’s look at the most recent Android application development tendencies that will change company strategies throughout 2024!

Internet of things

Phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, storing information such as contacts, conferences, emails, and much more. Phones are now the central hub for smart products such as smart TVs, smartwatches, sports wristbands, and other applications. This, nonetheless, is not the conclusion of the narrative. Smart devices have become more affordable for consumers as costs drop. By 2025, there would be estimated to be 75.44 billion IoT devices on the planet, so cost-effectiveness has been one of the driving forces behind this android application development movement. More advanced application means more use of the latest tech research incorporated inside. Though not all countries have dived into the race of tech risk application modes, still the use of IoT is undeniable for all.

Artificial Intelligence

When you use Netflix and receive recommendations depending on what you’ve viewed, artificial intelligence, AI, makes many things easier nowadays since it is quick, dependable, and effective. These are all the factors why it’s been embraced by several businesses.

If you intend to develop an app, including AI would undoubtedly improve your chances of popularity. For individuals with many contents to study, AI could be pretty useful. Incorporating AI into an eCommerce software, for instance, can assist you in improving your revenue. How? Customers will be recommended products by analyzing their behavior using machine learning and artificial intelligence. FaceApp, a Facebook-developed AI-powered app, is yet another excellent example. It has grown quite popular in recent years. Spotify is also another service that employs AI to make music recommendations.

Application of blockchain technology

Blockchain is among the most challenging technologies to master nowadays. It’s a booming industry, and by 2026 it will reach $67.4 billion. Many big businesses are leveraging blockchain tech in application development due to its fast expansion and benefits.

To begin with, because blockchain technology is a distributed ledger, it guarantees the highest level of data confidentiality. Because anonymity is a significant worry for individuals across the globe, creating a privacy-focused app would undoubtedly be beneficial to you. Aside from that, blockchain technology is more profitable due to its quickness and accessibility.

Enterprise mobile management and Application performance management

Enterprise mobile app development has two components: APM and EMM. These innovations are used to improve the speed of a smartphone application. Thanks to the emergence of mobile application development, it has evolved into a quality control tester for phone applications. It not only assists with application protection and stability, but also it enables effective data interchange between employees via smartphones. Telecommunication has opened the doors of a new and innovative niche in mobile application development. More remote working and collaborating applications are in the field now.

Remote academic (distant learning) applications

Before the pandemic, the need for remote and distance learning was never realized. Nowadays each day a new pandemic variant makes people shut down their daily mobility and stay at home. Academic activities are badly affected. To cater to such needs of distant learning schools, educational organizations and learning institutes are making efforts towards the development of their application. This way a whole system of education would be shifted to online instead of just relying on face-to-face zoom meetings.

Thriving of more M-commerce apps

The rise of mobile-based post covid grocery shopping rose almost 30% in the UK in the year 2020. Things have never been the same as they were earlier than the pandemic. Now more users rely on mobile shopping, mobile grocery, and mobile-based merchandising than physical. We are not saying that the physical trend for buying has changed but the mode has changed. Therefore, the mobile application industry will look forward to creating those all-in-one holistic applications under which the entire shopping mall can sum up. Mobile commerce is easy to access and easier to operate than manually going shopping.

Health-related applications

There was never such a huge need for health-related mobile applications as these days. Other than a serious disease or chronic infection, people avoid visiting hospitals and physicians directly. So to make this situation easy and to cater to this market gap, developers have created many intuitive health-related applications. These health-related applications involve medical billing, invoicing, medical reports, and history management for patients. Medical interaction websites and applications are the next big thing in the future.

Smart homes applications

Smart home applications can assist in daily chores, operating of appliances, centralized air conditioning, and leveling of entire home temperature. These applications take time and manual laborious tasks for a human being. Even smart door locks can be operated by mobile applications. Even some countries are planning to make whole smart communities where all the home chores and manual tasks must be done by applications and software. Therefore, android application development will have to shake hands with such development projects in the future.

Each of these trends provides a particular method to accelerate your company’s growth. To reach the pinnacle of the industry, you may create an app based on these kinds of trends.

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