Travelling to Phoenix? Things To See In the Desert

If you and your family are fans of a warmer climate and avid travellers, then it’s likely that at some point you will want to visit somewhere that can boast desert landscapes alongside exquisite areas of natural beauty at same time.

If this sounds like your next dream holiday, it can well be worth considering visiting Phoenix Arizona. Something of a desert in itself, this city boasts a superb mixture of natural beauty, man-made parks, and museums. So when you decide to visit, there will be something for everybody to enjoy. 

But with so much to do in the city itself, what should you aim to fit in? This can be tricky, but this article will aim to highlight some of the most popular attractions around Phoenix, so you can draw up a list of where you want to go whilst visiting.

Camelback Mountain

If you are a fan of the great outdoors, then one of the things you will want to do when you visit Phoenix is to visit Camelback Mountain. This mountain is named after its unique shape which resembles the hump and head of a kneeling camel. This trail opens exceedingly early in the morning, allowing you and your family being able to start hiking at 4:45 AM if you wish. The trail itself up Camelback Mountain takes between 2 to 3 hours and the hike will begin with a well-marked trail for the first 3/8 of a mile – but be aware that the hike itself is quite difficult. Many people who visit Phoenix simply prefer to observe the natural beauty of the mountain rather than hiking up it, making it one of the more versatile things to do in Phoenix.

Papago Park

If you want to visit somewhere that has a bit more history mixed in with natural beauty, then it may be worth visiting Papago Park. It has been home to a wide range of American histories, such as the first hatchery during the Great Depression, a reservation for indigenous tribes, and a prisoner of war camp. The park is also home to the Phoenix zoo, golf courses, and a range of museums. There is wildlife that can be seen when walking around the park, and the trails are smooth with minimal elevation, so it is accessible to those who may want to mountain bike rather than walk.

South Mountain Park

One of the largest municipal parks in the United States, South Mountain Park and Preserve allows visitors to hike or ride for more than 58 miles. There are also a lot of attractions within the park itself, such as the mystery castle and there is even the opportunity for those visiting this area to go horseback riding. This park also features Dobbins Lookout, which is perched at 2,330 feet above the city allowing you to look over Phoenix and take in the landscape.

Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum is Phoenix’s number 1 attraction and is ranked among the top 12 museums to visit in the United States. So, it is well worth popping in if you are a fan of music or if you are a musician yourself. This museum also boasts a lot of shows and nightlife which can help you to unwind after a busy day hiking around the mountains surrounding the city.

Desert Botanical Garden

No trip to Phoenix would be complete without visiting the Desert Botanical Garden. This is located in Papago Park and aims to break the ideology that a desert landscape is simply full of tumbleweeds! The garden itself hosts thousands of species of cacti, trees, and flowers and also encompasses the local music scene into the garden, making it a very enjoyable addition to a trip to Phoenix.

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