6 Must-Have Gadgets for the World Traveler

Travel gadgets
With the world now being a global village, everyone needs a standard set of devices to remain connected to the rest of the world and stay safe. Although you may travel without these, where is the fun if you can’t use technology for your advantage? To maintain a constant connection on the go, stay safe, travel with ease and enjoy, you must have certain gadgets. Today, I have made a list of important gadgets that you should have with you through all your trips.

1. Power Banks And Solar Chargers

Whether you travel for fun or work, you need a phone to stay connected, for safety purposes, and updating social media. Well, you can’t do that if you don’t have any juice left in your devices! There is nothing better than carrying a portable charger with you. A solar-powered device is even better. These are literally the most portable solutions for your smart devices. These come with different voltages and features that can charge anything from an iPod to a laptop. Some are built for rugged use and while others are a good utility.

2. Digital Translator

If you don’t know where you’re heading and just want to “go with the flow”, you should not only check out Oliver’s Travels but invest in a digital translator as well. This tiny device is programmed to translate what you say into your desired language in just a couple of seconds. You can find them in a range of styles; from earpieces to tiny mic like devices that you speak into. I recommend the mic style as it is easier to keep and less likely to break.

3. Credit Card Utility Knife

Although all countries have different laws about carrying weapons, they can’t stop you if it’s a credit card that slips into your wallet and jeans pockets. This ingenious way to keep yourself safe is actually legal almost everywhere (the jury is still out). You don’t even have to be an avid traveler to invest in these, which is why I highly recommend you find the most useful one for you.

4. Portable Speakers

For most people, nothing is truly enjoyable without some music. Carrying headphones won’t provide you the fun you are looking for. I advise you to buy portable Bluetooth speakers. They don’t take up much space and pack a loud punch with their sound. Fortunately, there are speakers for every type of traveler out there. Rugged ones clip onto your bags and other gear while others are waterproof allowing you to stay close to the sea. Furthermore, the fact that they are really good looking makes it hard to ignore them.

5. Travel Adapters

One of the most crucial things a traveler can carry with them is a universal travel adapter. Your smart devices are literally useless unless you own an adapter to connect and charge your devices. There are a million choices to choose from but one outdoes them all.

6. A Smartphone Breathalyzer

When you’re in a different part of the world, the rules and laws change but one thing that stays the same is prohibition of drunk driving! But how could you complete your trip without trying the local lager? Find and use a little breathalyzer; it works with the software on your smartphone to check your blood alcohol levels (BAL). Do not get behind the wheel without checking your BAL.

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