3 Types of Solar Gadgets you Need to Try

Solar panel

If we’d like to continue being residents of Planet Earth, then it’s time we make the switch to renewable energy sources. While some cities have been working on making the switch for a while, others are working to catch up to these energy forward cities. The International Energy Agency predicts solar power will make up at least 16% of the world’s total electricity within the next 32 years.

If the whole world was a solar panel, one year’s worth of sunlight could power the world for 105 years of energy use in our world. Obviously, we aren’t at this point yet – but we are at a point where many of our gadgets can harness the sun’s energy to power them. Solar panels aren’t the only things you can use to save some sunlight.

For the home

Homes are becoming more and more green, outfitted with new technology to help them be more environmentally friendly. In our day and age, a new piece of technology seems to be released daily. There are many different things in the home that can be replaced with solar powered technology like the table fan you take out each summer to try to beat the heat. Solar powered fans exist, believe it or not!

Other gadgets for the home include solar powered plugs, phone chargers, reading lights, wedge stick-on stair lights, and even solar powered blinds. If you’re worried about home security, why not install a solar powered video security light?

Solar powered technology and gadgets are available for all sorts of jobs around the house. Flashlights typically take multiple batteries which die over time. When the power is out, you don’t want to struggle to find your flashlight only to realize its dead due to low battery. How useful would it be if, the next time you’re fumbling for a flashlight, you have one that’s been charged and requires no batteries, creating no waste? Solar LED lanterns are also available if you’re looking to generate more light.

For the yard

Of course, it makes sense that most of the gadgets that harness solar power live outside. Solar panels aren’t the only way people can use solar power now. For instance, even if you don’t have solar panels on your home, you can likely heat your backyard pool inexpensively by using solar powered heating rings. Environmentally and wallet friendly.

Solar power is pet friendly, too. If your dog lives outside or spends lots of time outside in the summer, a solar powered dog house isn’t a bad idea.

There are other ways to generate solar power outside your home. Looking to generate passive power? Adding solar-powered house numbers to your home can do that for you.

For the deck

Your patio is a prime location to outfit with solar gadgets. If you could replace your patio furniture with solar powering furniture, would you? Consider checking out solar furniture like umbrellas or patio tables that have the capacity or capability to help you perform office tasks while basking in the sun or lounging on your patio.

Try solar powered gadgets for yourself to go green.

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