Travel To China For The Chinese New Year this Winter

chinese new year

Are you traveling to China this winter for the Chinese New Year celebrations? It is a special occasion where you can see the fireworks, cool trade show booths and enjoy the luscious local cuisine. Below I will talk discuss a few facts about this event.

Chinese New Year is also Called the Spring Festival

The festival is also known as chunjie or Spring Festival. It takes place in the winter season allowing people to enjoy the weather, the beverages, and the festooning. The locals also look forward to this holiday because it marks the start of the spring season. There are new harvests to take care of, fresh starts, seasonal joys and loads of celebrations that light up people’s lives.

Check Out Lantern decorations that Say “Spring Festival.”

Shopping cool stuff is the best thing to do in Lisbon, but when you are in China, you really want to be a part of the new year festivities, especially the famous lanterns sporting ‘Spring Festival’. These lanterns dominate the skyline for a spectacular display during the evening. Your kids will surely love the amazing illumination work and the hovering lanterns all over the place.

No Particular Date For The Festival

Yeah, you read right. There is no specific date for this winter festival, also called the Lunar New Year, primarily because nations like North and South Korea as well as Vietnam celebrate it along with the rest of the world. It is organized on January 1st and lasts until the 15th (the full moon) according to the lunar calendar. Typically, Chinese New Year holiday starts in December and is a complete 2-week celebration. It is also the largest holiday season in the country if you count the Labha Festival, which begins at the start of December. It normally is scheduled between January 21 to Feb 20 but for a full list of dates and events, it is wise to check out the Chinese New Year calendar.

The Event Reflects Spirituality & Fighting Evil

Whether you are celebrating Chinese New Year in the US or Hong Kong, the event is marked by memorable celebratory features most of which reflect worship, cultural values and the importance of ‘warding off evil’. The Lunar New Year was initially celebrated in China to pray to god for good harvest and seasonal yield. Even today, it is a day of worship and you commemorate the ancestors who fought off evil.

Enjoy The Most Amazing Fireworks

It is the best time to enjoy some stunning fireworks display. This has been a tradition for many years, which started with the myth about Nian, one of the ancestors who slayed an evil monster using firecrackers. Fireworks are used in Spring Festival to scare away the bad and evil entities. Locals and tourists stay up this special night to set off firecrackers at midnight. These are used again in the morning to greet the New Year and good luck.

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