Transformative Tech in Today’s Restaurants

Today’s constantly evolving technology produces new inventions that a wide range of industries use to give their operations a boost. Restaurants have been around for centuries, yet today’s tech-savvy restaurateurs are turning to new software and devices to improve how their restaurants operate in ways that would have been unimaginable in restaurants of past generations.

Keep reading to see some of the new, innovative ways that modern technology is being adopted in today’s restaurants.

Employee Scheduling Software

Despite its name, employee scheduling software does a lot more than just create schedules all your staff will love in 80% less time than it would otherwise take, though freeing up your staff when they’re at work so they can concentrate on their primary job is something they’ll love.

scheduling software

This is cloud-based software which keeps all your staff connected efficiently and in ways they’ll find natural. Employee scheduling software streamlines communication: if a manager needs to quickly find a waiter to cover a shift, they can send a message to the group. Each staff will get a notification on their phone, and whoever is available can say so. This solves the problem as quickly as possible, before it has any time to escalate.

Employee scheduling apps are transforming restaurants by giving their managers easy, instant and constant access to digital dashboards which give them all the essential statistics they need to make informed decisions. At a glance, they can see important insights into the economic health of each restaurant location. Right away you’ll have tools to measure data about sales, labor costs, expected sales, and even the weather, and you can also customize this section to track what matters to you.

Employee scheduling software lets your staff submit feedback on each shift, so you get micro and macro financial data, but also a close perspective from frontline workers. Given that employee schedule software streamlines communications, greatly reduces the time wasted making schedules, and reveals a complete picture of how your restaurant is operating, its popularity in restaurants across North America is easy to understand.

Social Media

Restaurants have a wonderful tool that gives them control and agency over how they are promoted — social media. Restaurants can establish the type of vibe they want to present to the world, and photograph their food and adopt a persona online to match.

It’s important to be gracious with all customers, even ones who provide negative feedback online. They may have an insight that can help you, and avoiding a social media gaffe can be as important as getting a positive social media boost.

Monitoring Food Temperature Wirelessly

New technology makes it easy to store your food safely, and prove that you’re doing so — sensors that run in your fridge or freezer can fill out temperature logs automatically.

This frees up an employee from this task, while also ensuring human error can’t affect the process ensuring food is safe for human consumption.

You can use the latest cutting-edge technology described above to improve how your restaurant runs its operations, gets its name out there, or even inspect the food itself.

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