Toyota Winglet Personal Transportation Robot

This one is blowing my mind, so see if you can follow along. Toyota today announced a “partner robot” that is supposed to help carry you around. Also known as a PTA (Personal Transportation Assistant), you could think of it as a Segway with AI. It’s called the Winglet and it will come in three different models: The “L”, “M” and “S”. Why the weird naming system? I’m glad you asked:

Toyota’s created three models, the “L”, “M” and “S”, each having different handling features that allow consumers to select a model appropriate to their needs—from “practical” to “hands-free sporty”. If all this sounds familiar to you, it should.

Again, like I said. A “Super Segway” if you will. Expect to see them in Japan first, who knows when in America. By 2010 they should be commonplace in the Land of the Rising sun. After the jump, pictures of all three models.

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