Top Reasons your Website isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

The customer is the lifeblood of your business, without them you don’t get to sell your offers, which ultimately means there’s no business. If you’re been scratching your head as to why your website isn’t getting enough traffic, then this article will hit the sweet spot of that “why.”

Websites have two major problems. Either they get little or no traffic or they have pretty good numbers but very poor actual sales or conversion. Here are the top reasons your website isn’t getting enough traffic.

Website testing checks

Looks great, works badly. You’re no stranger to clunky websites as you’ve probably seen many ones that look awesome on paper but have pages that don’t load properly or are plagued with glitches. Many websites are sadly created with flawed user experience.

You need a website that’s designed after the objectives, strategy, target market, navigation structure, keyword planning, and solid copy.

Often, doing the graphic design first compromises almost every other critical element.

Your goals aren’t set (or great). 

A website that’s not getting enough traffic probably doesn’t have a set goal in place. Think about it. What is enough traffic for you, what is your purpose? For bloggers, they want to build up subscribers and get paid eventually for their work. This takes time and effort, but there’s no guarantee that their work will pay off. What is your goal as a business? It may be time to go back to the drawing board and review.

You’re not utilizing keywords/SEO

Keywords are a vital part of SEO, but many just choose a keyword simply because it’s relevant without putting proper research. Just because you have a pastry website you should devote all keywords to “bread,” “cakes,” and “coffee.” Google uses a complex algorithm, so tailor your content to the right keywords – talk with an SEO specialist or thoroughly research your keywords. 

You’re not maximizing social media.

Content creation is only half the battle. After populating content and optimizing a page, you must get people to it – how? By social media posting no less. Social sharing goes beyond just Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You must add sharing buttons to your footnote and at the end of each blog/resource.

Email marketing is another effective way to share your posts, so ensure to collect email addresses from your subscribers and utilize them to further add engagement to your content.

Your website name sucks. 

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, IKEA, Amazon, Google – all of these are self-made giants with a fantastic name that goes beyond the norms. Many online businesses choose ecstatic names while others content themselves with boring ones.

Find the balance and from there, everything should follow suit. Brainstorm with your team, find out your businesses’ real value, check the WHOIS Domain repository to streamline the process and get supplementary domain protection. If you’re starting from scratch, then this is the best course of action.

Now that you’ve read some of the reasons and have nodded to a few of them, because, you know, it hit the nail right. Solve the problem one after the other, starting with your domain name. If you admittedly have a bad name, then it will cascade problems down the line. Restart by checking out the WHOIS Domain and once you choose an apt name, proceed with hosting – another vital factor of an effective website as you know. Best of luck!

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