Top Cars For First Time Owners

Investing in a vehicle of your very own is an important step on the road to personal independence. No longer do you have to rely on the kindness of friends or family to give you a lift when you need one – never again will you have to wait for a bus that never comes in the pouring rain, or spend hundreds of pounds every month commuting in a crowded train.

But a car is a large financial outlay in itself, and when you’re picking that all important first car it’s important to consider economy as well as performance and style. Luckily, when buying a car it’s a little easier to make your money stretch – you could go for a hire purchase deal from a provider like 1st Stop Car Finance that gives you a wide selection of vehicles from almost any dealer.

Ford Fiesta


Head down any street in Britain and you’re sure to see a Ford Fiesta or two. And it’s no wonder, given the Fiesta’s reputation as a great all-round hatchback that’s reliable and efficient. Older models can be remarkably cheap to run, although it’s important to strike a balance between fuel economy and the inevitable repairs that will crop up the older the model. Still, you’re sure to get a comfortable ride and good performance – get behind the wheel and you’re guaranteed a fun drive.



The classic styling of the new Mini makes it one of the most recognisable cars on the road, and you might be surprised at how affordable it is too. The most basic entry-level models give you the classic design and performance for a reasonable outlay, and what’s better is the fuel economy and road tax savings – around 50 mpg for petrol, 74 mpg for diesel, and savings on tax to boot.

Kia Picanto


True, it might not be the best car for the image-obsessed, but the humble Kia Picanto can’t be beat for pure economy. Not only is it available new from just £7,795, but you get ultra low insurance premiums – perfect for novice drivers – plus great fuel economy of around 67 mpg and free road tax. It’s a reliable car too, available with a stunning seven-year warranty, and even the entry level models are kitted out with electric windows and an auxiliary port for MP3 players as standard.

Vauxhall Corsa


If you’re looking to pack more people into a compact hatchback, the spacious Corsa is a great economical choice. If you can stretch to the five-door version, it’s an ideal option for a busy family. Choose one of the newer diesel models and you’ll also enjoy great fuel economy – up to 85 mpg.

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